[fedora-india] a fedora feature criticized

gopal das mr.gopal.das at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 09:46:31 UTC 2009

After seeing all the features of Fedora11 Alpha, everything appeared really
impressive and nice except the one feature which may not bring a good
*Feature "*20 second startup": Perhaps nobody will unhappy if a system
starts up within 1 minuet when various services and scripts has been started
correctly, attached new hardware detection is ok, other crucial job such as
successfully scanning the whole file systems with huge data on it,
successfully starts virtualization platform etc. But Surely everybody will
annoyed when a system starts up within 20 second where without one of the
said crucial jobs. In this regard myself and some of my close friends have
experienced a start up problem (within 7 days I will confirm this is a bug
or not) during testing the Fedora 10 final on both i386 and 64 platform. So
I am eagerly want to ask that whether a server operating system really needs
to up within 20 second?

Gopal Das
Fedora India Ambassador
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