[fedora-india] Request for Two Packages

steve at lonetwin.net steve at lonetwin.net
Fri Feb 13 11:35:14 UTC 2009

Hello Das,

Quoting das <dasd.here at gmail.com>:

> Due to some other problems, I finally changed my system from F8 to F10.
> Now, is there some kind soul who can create the RPM-s for 'xpaint' and
> 'wordnet'?

The original wordnet BZ pointed out in this thread was for F10


which, unfortunately, is /still/ pending a review (and  
sponsorship)[1]. However, you may use the source rpm in the BZ[2] and  
rebuild it.

As for xpaint, seems like the package on sourceforge isn't been  
maintained actively (last update Aug 2005). Is there a reason why you  
do not want to use any of the many alternative paint packages ?

I could try and package it for you, but in case you are really  
interested in getting that package and you are inclined, I'd recommend  
having a go at creating and submitting the rpm yourself ! After all  
FOSS is all about scratching your own itch.

- steve

[1] Could someone /please/ review this and sponsor me ? I'd be more  
motivated to package some of the other small apps i use which aren't  
in fedora if i have access to the build and hosting system.
[2] http://lonetwin.net/wordnet-3.0-3.fc10.src.rpm

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