[fedora-india] Request for Two Packages

das dasd.here at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 21:20:02 UTC 2009

> Sorry, I assumed that you've built rpms from source rpms before. There
> really is nothing to it. Just execute:
> $ rpmbuild --rebuild <the source rpm>
> This should build the binary rpm. In fact if it fails for any reason, that's
> a bug and you should report it (either in the BZ, or just mail me).

Really it worked easy and fine. This created three RPM-s,
xpaint-,  xpaint-devel-,
and xpaint-debuginfo- I installed all three of
them, and it worked so easily. So many times I tried to compile it
before but something about 'xaw' would fail. Thank you. So now, I have
both of 'xpaint' and 'wordnet' thanks to you.


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