[fedora-india] Final Details for Kalyani Govt. Engineering Collg. Install Fest and FAD

Rangeen Basu sherry151 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 07:55:47 UTC 2009

   This is regarding the install fest and FAD at KGEC. The organizers have
arranged everything that we wanted. They have changed the venue to their LAB
where we will get
2 MBps internet connectivity. They have also managed to get funds in just 2
days and are arranging for food packets for everybody including the
participants. There is no participation fee for the event. Participation
well over 100 is expected. The FAD starts at 11:00 a.m and continues till
the evening with a break in between. The agenda is upon us to decide.

   Its an install fest cum FAD. So will definitely need all the help we can
get to man the booth in the morning and help out in the workshops as well.
Bring whatever slides you can. Will decide what exactly to do. The agenda I
was thinking is

 1> Introduction to Linux and Fedora (Arindam's slides)
 2> Installation(using DVD) and configuration( probably using a local
 3> Talk on Myths about Linux busted with Fedora (Subodip's slideshow)
 4> A demo and workshop on the various softwares and utilities.
 5> Talk on how to contribute to FOSS and how to join Fedora ( Possibly
using Satya's slides)

   The speakers are yet to be decided. All I know is that Debayan,
Ratnadeep, Kishan Goyal and me along with Indranil da are attending the
event. Don't know about Dipanjan or Sarbartha. hey haven't confirmed yet. I
want Indranil da to say something. Will talk to him tomorrow. Suggest
anything, any change or any addition, you want. Remember, the agenda for the
event isn't final yet. Anyone who wants to speak on anything else please let
me know. I will be needing 100 DVDs. Anyone who has it please supply.
Debayan is bringing some, maybe 50. I'll need atleast 50 more and some FEL
DVDs as well. Please reply ASAP.

The journey details are as follows:

How to Reach KGEC:
1. Durgapur:
           a) Intercity Express (7:20 AM in Durgapur, arrives Naihati at
10:00 AM. You will have to catch "Kalyani Simanta Local" - 10:22 AM from
platform 3 and Reach
               "Kalyani Ghosh Para" (20 min). There will be Richshaw (Rs.
10-15) and VAN (Rs. 5) availiable from station to KGEC Campus).

            b) Train Route: Durgapur - Bardhaman - Bandel - Naihati -
Kalyani main - Kalyani Ghosh Para.

            c) Bus Route: Catch a BUS from "Citi Centre" (time - 5:15 AM) to
Kalyani. Bus Stop: Kalyani Ghosh Para - ITI More.

2. Kolkata:
           a)  Catch "Kalyani Simanta Local" from Sealdah and Reach "Kalyani
Ghosh Para" Station (Rs. 12). Duration: 1:30 to 2 hrs. There will be
Richshaw (Rs. 10-15) and VAN
                (Rs. 5) availiable from station to KGEC Campus.

           b)  There are bus service availiable from Esplanade (Kalyani
Express). Bus Stop: Kalyani Ghosh Para - ITI More.

           c) There are many locals availiable from Sealdah to "Kalyani
main" like Ranaghat local, Khrishnanagar local, Gede local, Shantipur local.
You will have to reach
              "Kalyani main" and catch an auto (Rs. 5) "ITI More - Kalyani
ghosh para". Then you can catch a Richshaw (Rs. 10-15) and VAN (Rs. 5)
availiable from ITI-More to
               KGEC Campus).

Kalyani Simanta Time table from Sealdah:
4:12 AM, 5:35 AM, 6:30 AM, 7:25 AM, 8:30 AM, 9:20 AM, 11:20 AM, 12:25 PM,
2:40 PM, 3:25 PM, 4:50 PM, 6:12 PM, 7:10 PM, 8:10, PM, 10:05 PM.

for trains to "Kalyani main" there are many.

3)Back from Kalyani Ghosh Para to Sealdah

"Kalyani Simanta Local" Time table from Simanta to Sealdah (5 min to Kalyani
Ghosh Para)
6:04 AM, 7:15 AM, 8:12 AM, 9:16 AM, 10:10 AM, 1:18 PM, 2:14 PM, 4:30 PM,
5:30 PM, 7:03 PM, 8:00 PM 9:15 PM, 10:10 PM

You can catch this train from "Kalyani Ghosh Para", the nearest station
here. Add 5 mins to the time as it is from "Kalyani Simanta".

Thank You

Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury

sherry151 at gmail.com

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