[fedora-india] Final Details for Kalyani Govt. Engineering Collg. Install Fest and FAD

susmit shannigrahi thinklinux.ssh at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 08:57:49 UTC 2009

>    The speakers are yet to be decided. All I know is that Debayan,
> Ratnadeep, Kishan Goyal and me along with Indranil da are attending the
> event.
> Don't know about Dipanjan or Sarbartha. hey haven't confirmed yet.

Probably they are not coming.

> I
> want Indranil da to say something. Will talk to him tomorrow. Suggest
> anything, any change or any addition, you want. Remember, the agenda for the
> event isn't final yet. Anyone who wants to speak on anything else please let
> me know. I will be needing 100 DVDs. Anyone who has it please supply.
> Debayan is bringing some, maybe 50. I'll need atleast 50 more and some FEL
> DVDs as well. Please reply ASAP.

I guess I promised you the DVDs.
I understand your excitement, but it is better to keep your cool. :)
Once you have been promised some resources, it is inappropriate to
send another call for help on the same thing.

Anyway, can I have your mobile number offlist?
Can you pick the DVDs today evening or tomorrow morning from Jadavpur?
I have my mobile no on my page.


Sent from: Kolkata West Bengal India.

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