[fedora-india] Re: [Ambassadors] Final Details for Kalyani Govt. Engineering Collg. Install Fest and FAD

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Thu Feb 19 09:24:27 UTC 2009

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> [If you are cross posting it across lists, please do say that in the
> $subject or mail body]

Ok will do that from next time.

> How to file bug reports and perhaps a small introduction into how to
> test the Fedora desktop would be appropriate. It can be done by anyone
> who reads up the relevant wiki pages.

Consider this done.

> Check if you can have a LiveUSB station and get participants to bring
> in their own USB sticks and thus get a LiveUSB of Fedora 10.

If I can get enough support from the oters then it might be possible but not
quite sure.

> A large part of the above paragraph is based on 'maybe' and
> assumptions. Please do ensure that you have things nailed down
> *before* the event and, you *know* whom or what to expect.

Almost everything settled. Will be finalised by today evening.

> Quick note : producing 100 units of DVDs take a bit of time, next time
> around it would be a good idea to estimate how best to tackle such a
> situation.

Well the resources have already been allocated by Susmit and Debayan has
some. Will manage with that. If we need more we will make copies at KGEC.
The blank DVDs will be provided by them. Thanks for the heads up.

Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury

sherry151 at gmail.com

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