[fedora-india] Re: Do we have any activity in Rajasthan

anirudh shekhawat shekhawat.anirudh at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 18:43:26 UTC 2009

Hi ayush.

I'm really very glad to hear from you guys.
Well we dont have a very active community here but it certainly is
growing and the awareness is increasing rapidly. We are planning a
install fest and some seminars at my college ( SKIT Jaipur , 3rd yr CS
) this February and there are some experienced developers and
enthusiasts in jaipur who have promised to help, so if that event
works out, then you can certainly come here and we can then plan
something for you guys too.
And regarding getting the knowledge, i'd say community is there to
help you, you can try IRC, other than mailing lists, and above all i'd
say, it's lot of reading to be done in linux. So my friend, google is
your pal and read as much as you can. or else  we are all here :)
For further getting in touch with people around here, you can always
find us at the IRC channel #lugjaipur at Freenode. But since i've
exams till 29th jan , so i'll be there after that.
keep in touch.

IRC nick :- Acedip

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