[fedora-india] Organizing FAD in Varanasi (IT-BHU)

Dushyanth R r.dushyanth at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 05:37:10 UTC 2009

Hi all,
Just wanted to ask your opinion on the stated subject. It would be a
really nice exposure to us students in IT-BHU. I mean this will take
Fedora to the grass roots- to the future fedora developers. I am
myself a newbie and would love to see Fedora in action. Also we have a
Technical Festival slated for february 19-22nd. Will any of the
developers or evangelists be will to come in here for that
purpose(talks,etc). I mean it does sound sort cliche'd but I think it
will all be for the good.
Even if the date is changed to something more convenient for all of
you (i.e to say not in the tech-fest), even then i am sure it will at
least make more open source contributors out of us( i mean the student
community here).

R Dhushyanth

p.s- also working on getting a student representative on board the
fedora ambassador from most of the colleges that I know. Hope this
helps in getting an all round opinion from the student community.

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