[fedora-india] root password

Syam Krishnan syamcr at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 08:06:04 UTC 2009

Arnav Kalra wrote:
> i forgot the root password please help
Didn't Google help you out? Anyway, if your grub (the bootloader) 
doesn't have a password, then follow these step to delete your root 

1. Start your computer and wait for grub to show up
2. Locate the entry to boot Fedora, and press 'e' to edit
3. You'll see a line that starts with "kernel /boot/vmlinuz....."
4. Move to the end of that line and append: "linux 1" (without the 
quotes, a plain 1 is also said to work)
5. Now press 'b' to boot
6. You'll boot in to run level 1. Once you get the sh prompt, edit 
/etc/passwd file using vi (or any other editor)
7. The first line should be for the user root:
8. Remove the 'x' character in the second field. i.e. make it:
9. Save and quit vi
10. Reboot your computer. Your root password will be deleted. Set a new 

Let us know if this worked..


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