[fedora-india] Request for Two Packages

das dasd.here at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 12:30:54 UTC 2009

On 1/18/09, steve <steve at lonetwin.net> wrote:
> Hi Das,
> Rakesh Pandit wrote:
>> 2009/1/18 das <dasd.here at gmail.com>:
>>> I am using FC 8. I will be so grateful to you if you can make Wordnet
>>> work for me.
>> Sadly it is EOL (End of Life i.e no support), it would better if you
>> can move to F-10.
> That's correct. Also, i do not have access to a fedora 8 box, so I'm sorry I
> can't build the rpm for you. If upgrading to F10 is not an option for you
> right
> now, i think you can just take the source rpm from the bugzilla request and
> rebuild it on your system:
> $ rpmbuild --rebuild <source rpm>
> ...or just get the source package from wordnet.princeton.edu itself. The
> build
> is not complicated, the dependencies are
> tcl, tcl-devel, tk, tk-devel, automake and libX11-devel
> cheers,
> - steve

Thank you Steve, I think I would go the tarball way, have never tried
the RPM thing. But compiled the Wordnet binaries once or twice before.

If I am remembering correctly till F7 everything would run just fine,
but then in F8 something in tcl/tk showed error during make, something
about the path where make expected to get tclconfig script or tkconfig
script was different in Fedora, or something like that. Maybe the clue
is tcl-devel and tk-devel that you suggested.

Thank you once again, but, please bear with me if I report some error,
I really need this thing. And obviously for the time being, at least
for three or four more months I don't have any plan to change OS.

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