[fedora-india] Bad News from NIT Durgapur :(

susmit shannigrahi thinklinux.ssh at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 14:14:36 UTC 2009

> There was a talk scheduled for tomorrow (January 22) at NIT Durgapur titled
> "Contribute to Fedora". There is a bandh called tomorrow called by CPM in
> Bengal and our college will remain closed tomorrow, hence no classrooms/labs
> will be available.

The "bandh" is called by SUCI, a party which is almost non exsisting
and probably it will have little / no impact.
However, if your college choose to remain closed, there is nothing
which can be done. :(

> We have to cancel the talk. Kindly remember to add it to the 4 hour session
> during Mukti on 7th February.

Is this really possible? Then we have to prepone the workshop/talk on 7th Feb.
There is no use of conducting a talk/workshop after 8PM.
There will be none attending it.

> Sorry about this, there is nothing to be done about it really.

It is completely understandable. You need not be sorry.




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