[Fedora-India] : Metting follow up for Sun Jul 12 1800 IST

Ankur Sinha sanjay.ankur at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 04:19:53 UTC 2009


The logs are here:


Than you Rangeen. :)

The meeting began slowly (as the logs will show, there were only a few
of us present). However, as it progressed, more folks joined in. We had
the following as our main agendas. 

- Decide a better meeting time
- Suggestions regarding better Fedora media distribution
- Future events 

I'll discuss them one by one. 

- Deciding of a better timing for meetings:

As observed and stated in the meeting, Fridays + weekends are not viable
days to hold a weekly meet. Folks prefer dining out etc (relaxing) on
weekends and Friday is a party night ;). Rangeen proposed Wednesday
1800/1900 IST as a weekly/fortnightly meeting slot. The attendees of the
meeting are okay with this. I request a vote on this.

- Future events :

We discussed some of the future planned events. aveek and dipanjan
informed us about their respective events. (Please read the log).You can
find more info here[1][2].

- Suggestions regarding better Fedora media distribution:

There was a brief discussion on how we could better service the requests
for media that we receive monthly. Here's _one_ suggestion:

As the list can see, fedora ambassadors are present all over India (many
of us are part of our local LUGs). The idea is, for as many ambassadors
as viable, to create web pages for requests on the lines of the PLUG's

Ambassadors can choose to charge a marginal service fee. 

Ambassadors can also choose what this fee will be used for. One good use
is to collect all the money and use it to service free media requests.
( a common account ?)

Another feature of this plan is that Ambassadors can collect requests
for a month and service them in the next. This way, they have a clear
idea on how many medias are to be produced (to minimize wastage in the
beginning). As the system catches wind, we'll have figures to indicate
numbers for mass production of media. 

Some of us cannot patch this plan to our LUGs (due to constraints from
college etc.). We can set this plan up personally.

That was more or less the discussion that took place. We urge more folks
to find time to attend meetings _regularly_ .

Is there a resource on the web that contains info on how to go about an
IRC meet? I mean things like <"!" and wait your turn> and <end with
EOF> ? It would be helpful for new folks. 

Vote for timing change to wednesday 1800 IST : +1
1900 IST : +1

[2] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/NITA_FAD_2009

Rangeen and other folks, please add to the follow up if you feel I've
missed something. 



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