[fedora-india] Event in SRM

Salvadesswaran P.S. salvadesswaran at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 07:14:10 UTC 2009


I got a mail from a student in SRM asking for help regarding an event
in his college tech fest:

"Hello Sir,
I am a student of SRM University, Chennai. We are having Our College
Annual Tech Event in September 2009. I am organising a event "Think
Linux" A Linux Workshop!! At present no much attention is given to
Open Source In our college!! As you are Campus Ambassador Of Fedora
Could you please provide some support for this event!! To make this
event a Success We would be in need of supporters like you!! so that
we could use fedora logo in posters, Banners and
certificate for participation!! The event details i am mailing with
this email as attachment!! hope you would consider my request

I've asked a day or two to reply back. I've also told him to post the
event on our events wiki, or I'll do it. A main thing is that they
have to confirm the event first. I replied him back thus:

"Hi Deppak,
I'm sure I'll be able to help you. You register your name on
fedoraproject.org, and add your event there. I'll talk with my fellow
Ambassadors and help you out. Fedora logo can be used, yes. But take
care not to distort it, colors or shape. If you post your event on the
events wiki at fedoraproject.org you can get help from people around
the world. You can also sign up to become a Fedora Campus Ambassador."

Can anyone else guide me, this is the first time that I've had such a
request, and I want to fulfill it.

Salvadesswaran Srinivasan
Fedora Ambassador
Mozilla Campus Representative
SSN College of Engineering

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