[fedora-india] Sorry State of Affairs with F11 Installer

Sudheer Satyanarayana sudheer.s at binaryvibes.co.in
Sat Jul 25 19:28:49 UTC 2009

> It is not him alone. I am having the almost similar experience too.
> While I appreciate the effort of rewritting anaconda, what I fail to
> appreciate is what worked even in the last release, does not work with
> the newer one.
> What is the use of new features if it is not usable? Someday, I shall
> take it up to the devel list.
I too am a victim of anaconda failing on both F10 and F11. I was at a 
friend's place yesterday trying to install Fedora on his PC. F11 failed 
to install. Then I tried F10. That too failed. I suspected the hardware 
and requested the friend to upgrade RAM from 256 MB to 1 GB. He did. But 
the problem still persisted. I had no Internet connectivity at the 
friend's place to get some online help Google, #fedora, etc. There is a 
pressing need to get Linux working on that PC. Therefore I have decided 
to install another distro for this friend.

I am going to try to install CentOS on that PC tomorrow. If that doesn't 
suit, I'll install Ubuntu on it. I have downloaded the Ubuntu ISO image 
today in preparation.

I am a bit embarrassed because of this situation. I have been advocating 
Fedora wherever I could from the past few years. Maybe, I do not 
understand the goals of Fedora project properly. But, is Fedora really 
suitable for casual non-CS users? I have my doubts.

No offence meant to anybody in the community. But yesterday I suddenly 
strongly felt the need for better QA and LTS.

This issue certainly needs top priority. I hope for a F11 respin with 
the anaconda fixes.


With warm regards,
Sudheer. S
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