[fedora-india] What is the easiest way to find an Ambassador near to oneself ?

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> I am not a Fedora ambassador, but I do contribute to Fedora (and various
> other) localization project since long time. One of the things I have
> learned from my localization experience is to always preserve the credits of
> previous translators. So, their credit is never getting lost irrespective of
> whether they are active currently or not. Similarly, if there is a way to
> preserve the credits of the previous ambassadors on the list, would be great
> I think.

There was a mail on the Ambassadors list (which I can't find now)
which put the statement below in a much nicer way:

[0] A Fedora Ambassador is an Ambassador-for-life unless he/she does
something that is so completely against the Foundations that we have
to review the situation

[1] Asking Ambassadors whether they wish to be listed as
active/inactive isn't taking credit away

I have been at the periphery of localization and, I guess I could pull
up a somewhat related example - infrequently we see that certain
locales/language teams request a change in leadership asking that a
more active member be entrusted with the responsibilities of getting
things done. Upon review, such requests are generally granted. I'd
guess such a thing happens because the system desires a degree of

It is a valid point that you raise, and, I just wanted to make it
clear that this process isn't about erasing credit. I hope that this
illustration together with the anecdote I had provided clears the air.


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