[fedora-india] Event Report on Fedora Talk in OSI Days Chennai

Balaji G balajig.foss at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 12:00:21 UTC 2009

Hi Everyone

I am extremely thrilled and pleased to announce that my talk in OSI Days was
a real good success. The talk was quite short and  I started off with
A Survey on how many in the audience have heard about Fedora and there was
quite a good number and then I started off with the following

         1. What is Fedora
         2. What's the Speciality of the Fedora Project
         3. What role does Redhat Play in contributing to fedora.
         4. What's the role I play in Fedora
         5. What's the advantage in Contributing to Fedora and i asked
interested people to get my email ID offline to know more on how to
             and I assured them that i could help them to get into World Of
Open Source Software through Fedora.
         6. Question & answers

Then people when i got off the stage asked for my email IDs and have asked
me to give talks in LUG and lot of people had questions like

     "i want to do some programming but i am not sure how do i do it in
Ubuntu " these sort of questions came up and then i took that opportunity to
tell them that i would help you do that by asking them to install fedora and
assured them that they could copy of DVD from me. Lot of students wanted to
do projects but they didn't know how to get into Fedora so i answered those
questions and have asked them to contact me through email and then i would
bring them onto the IRC channels. I have also asked them to log in to
#fedora-classroom on the April First Weekend where i would be taking IRC
sessions on kernel topics and Virtualization.

I strongly feel that this would bring in more users and contributors and I
would be giving more talks too in the future.

It was a pretty exciting day and i would be sharing some photos soon .

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