[fedora-india] Formation of GNU/LUG of KGEC..

Rohit Gupta rohit.kgec at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 14:40:57 UTC 2009

KGEC LUG Details:

1.The KGEC LUG will maintain college computers assigned to them.
2.There will be core committee of LUG whose members will be sound in
Technical Skill.
3.The core committee will maintain all the college computers and all
they will do their work after the college hour. (since it is branch
and year independent)
4.The core committee will the soul of the LUG, will help the Linux
users and carry on FOSS events.
5.The President will be the head of this core committee followed by a
vice president.
6.The core committee is open to all and anyone can join it after
completing a process. The participant will have to qualify the
following criteria:
  i)  He/She will have to register for membership in core committee.
  ii) He/She will have to actively participate and work under the
guidance of the existing core committee.
 iii) After a month, the participant will be considered a member of
the core committee if the core committee feels that the participant
has acquired necessary skills
 iv) He/she will be given a membership certificate.
 iv) If the participant is still not well suited for the post, he/she
will have to continue his activities with the core-committee for few
more days as non core-committee member. Eventually the participation
will be approved.
6.The membership of LUG is open to all, even from other colleges.
7.Every member of the LUG will have to join the mailing list.
*8. The members of the LUG can request free media of any available
Distribution to the core committee. (This is only possible if the FOSS
Community helps by providing CD's and DVD's, else interested
candidates will have to get blank CD's or DVD's)
9.The members of LUG can post all their Linux related problems in the
Mailing List and can also help with the solution of others problem.
The Mailing List will have even experts from the FOSS community to
guide and help with the solution.

What is there for a LUG Member?
1.	Feedback from better people
2.	Solutions to problems that he himself can not fix
3.	Industry standard skills in documentation and planning
4.	Online code portfolio for potential recruiters
5.	Extending the skills acquired to grab fellowships/Summers of Code

Work already Done:

1) Having Successfully conducting an installfest in KGEC. Details:
Photo Gallery:

2) Setting up a computer in the college Library which has public
access with a poster as "Maintained by GNU/LUG of KGEC". It is under
our full control. Link for Pictures:

3) Getting the support of college and there will be no objections.
(but with no funds. We may have to manage funds even for Workshops)
4) No. of Computers expected:
     a) 15-20 in CSE Lab.
     b) more than 5 in EE Lab.
     **** We will approach with this concepts to other departments
also for their labs. (IT, MCA, ECE, ME)
     **** Each computer will have the label as "Maintained by GNU/LUG
of KGEC".
5) Starting the Linux For You Magazine in college.  starting next

6) We have the full fedora repo (25 GB) for Intel architecture.
7) We have loads of many other different distributions.
8) We already have few interested members for the core committee.
(They are also Linux users but with not sufficient knowledge.)
9) I am a Fedora Ambassador and am trying to help them.
10) The Official Inauguration will be done in the 2nd week of April
(date not yet Fixed, Proposals welcome)
11) To manage the required funds, there's a option to apply membership

Pros and Cons We think:
1) The core-Committee members can have live experimentation on the
college computers and get things working.
2) Students who don't have computers or is not willing to experiment,
will also get the opportunity to gain the knowledge and necessary
3) We can deploy industry standard mechanisms to help maintain
machines easier.
4) The core-committee members become experts and there is a chain
effect followed by them.
5) Free Publicity through Posters about KGEC LUG.

1) The LUG will be more like an organization and not a group.
2) If we lack response, it may be difficult.

We are also thinking of organizing classes and workshops which depends
on response and interest in core-committee.

We have seen the enthusiasm in students during installfest and so, we
are hoping for a Success..

The Official Inauguration will be done in the 2nd week of April (date
not yet Fixed, Proposals welcome). We will also include FOSS events
during this time and I also request the FOSS community to help me out
with the events

Suggestions are Welcome as reply..

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