[fedora-india] Event Box for India

Dipanjan Chakraborty chakraborty.dipanjan at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 05:55:17 UTC 2009

I have a different question : given that we'd like repeat runs of
> Activity Days at places where they have been held once, would it be a
> good idea to think of what can be done to help build an infrastructure
> that facilitates that as opposed to doing up an Event Box ?

I think this calls for distributed and localised Event Boxes, or
infrastructure. This may also reduce the problem of returning the boxes to
an extent.

> At this point, I'd like to know what steps are being planned at places
> where Activities have happened ie. what next beyond the first Install
> Fest ? How do you plan to chart out the first steps to contribution ?

Yes, this needs to be thought about. In my LUG what I have observed is the
events are so widely spaced in time that the people loose interest in the
mean time. Our problem lies in balancing academic activities with these

Yours sincerely,
Dipanjan Chakraborty
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