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Runa Bhattacharjee runabh at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 07:48:00 UTC 2009

Sri Ramadoss M wrote:
> Assume I am a Hindi Desktop user, I am working in gedit and I want to
> get the File Menu drop down with the use of mouse, now I am in Hindi
> Typing mode, What will be the ideal shortcut way - a Hindi key stroke
> or an English key stroke?
> Alt + F brings down the File Menu, But this need toggling to English
> and then Alt+F is the user is typing Hindi right? But with Hindi
> Letter as Short cut, this two step to shortcut is avoided.
Nope. The English shortcuts work directly even when I am using the 
Bengali keyboard.
>> Secondly, at the time we had also tested various permutations and
>> combinations using input methods, bn and en shortcuts and found that one
>> particular set of shortcuts (i do not remember correctly at the moment which
>> ones) did not work at all if the shortcuts were in bn. I'll try and dig this
>> bit out if possible.
> Please!
Here it is:



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