[fedora-india] need help regarding getting a laptop

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Tue Mar 31 05:13:23 UTC 2009

magesh wrote:
> hi ppl,
>     This is magesh, from chennai
> i have planned to buy a laptop... i opt for hp or compaq
> but now iam little confused on which system would be linux favourable
> because many of friends were disappointing, of the non-availability of
> the drivers and many other problems as far as the laptops are concerned
> so i need feedbacks from people who use hp or compaq notebooks
> and iam also confused on which one to go for either hp or compaq...
> help me with this friends

Use the Fedora live cd and boot once and check if everything works
before buying the laptop.  Generally speaking, Broadcom wireless (which
is rebranded as Dell wireless on Dell systems and requires proprietary
non redistributable firmware) and Nvidia (which requires proprietary
drivers for 3D acceleration still) are problematic.

Atheros or Intel wireless and Intel display would work out of the box.
Almost all webcams are supported. Stay away from Creative for sound and
you should do ok.


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