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Shakthi Kannan shakthimaan at gmail.com
Mon May 11 09:47:43 UTC 2009


--- On Sun, May 10, 2009 at 9:09 PM, Rahul Sundaram
<sundaram at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
| Source0 should point to the upstream url (ie) something like
| http://shakthimaan.com/source/foo-1.1.tar.bz2
| That's important because in most cases, you are packaging something
| written by another developer and others should be able to verify that
| the tarball matches what is provided by the upstream project.

* Updated to use:

* Updated setup to also use:
%setup -qn %{name}

* Install now includes only fedora-packager.

| While GCC and other core utilities are part of the
| default build root in Fedora, it can be included as a BR for the sake of
| the example or perhaps it would be ideal to include a second example
| with those.

I saw the following and hence didn't give it in the example:

I have now mentioned the URL.

| Also you should include a README in the tarball and introduce %doc macro
| in your sample spec file.

Updated. Outputs as well.

| The macros section in your slide can refer to
| http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:RPMMacros


| For example, the python packaging guidelines in Fedora state
| that python package should start with pyfoo or python-foo when upstream
| is named foo and I defined a custom macro
| %define upstreamname foo
| and used that in my spec file.

Added another slide for macros, and have illustrated this example.
Some fixes in macro definitions as well. Use version 1.2.

I believe this should be sufficient to get started with, and
subsequent use-cases for various packaging guidelines can be done in a
hands-on workshop with support from wiki documentation, discussion on
mailing lists, and IRC.

Thanks a lot for the valuable feedback.


Shakthi Kannan

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