[fedora-india] A minimalist spin

Ashok Gautham scriptdevil.fedora at gmail.com
Wed May 13 07:58:04 UTC 2009

I am a person who believes in minimalism and extreme configurability.
I could not find a minimalist spin of Fedora.

The spin I would actually like would contain

Window Managers
  * Ratpoison
  * dwm/wmii
  * {Open,Flux}box

Console Apps
  * Screen

  * zsh

  * gcc
  * perl
  * python

  * irssi
  * bitlbee

  * antiword
  * Is there a Fast and Light Office suite? Maybe gnumeric/abiword

PDFs ( I cannot decide. I got used to apvlv. But not many use it)
  * apvlv
  * epdfview

Web Browsers
  * Conkeror
  * Firefox (Worth the extra mbs it uses)
  * Kazehakase (If firefox is too heavy)

  * mplayer

System Monitor
  * Conky

Download Managers
  * wget/aria2c
  * A possible wrapper script (with zenity?) for easy scheduling

Image Viewer
  * feh - Image Viewer

File Managers
  * mc (Console)
  * emelfm (GUI)

  * zile
[  * gvim
  * emacs ] -> I use emacs. But choice is important too...

Mail Client
  * mutt
  * A possible Mail-notifier on Conky
Graphics (Do we need these?)
  * Gimp
  * inkscape

I am sure there are a group of people here who use a similar
configuration. I am posting this only on the Indian List.
I havent got the spin rolling yet, but this is roughly what I use.  Is
someone else also interested in this kind of a spin?

(Note: This is not a INX lookalike. I do feel X gives you more control
and more space to do things)

Ashok `ScriptDevil` Gautham

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