[fedora-india] 09 May-Fedora presentation

Ayush Maheshwari ayush.hakmn at gmail.com
Wed May 13 19:49:35 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Atlast i deliever the first presentation on any OpenSource project in my
College,its been the first time since 25 years of establishment of the
college(*University College of Engg.,Raj. Tech. Univ.,Kota(Rajasthan)*)
anyone take interest in Open Source but i am the lone fighter here but
trying my best to make it in reach of everyone.

Coming to the subject,although strength doesn't even touched 40 students but
i thanked those who braved scorching heat nearing to 45 deg & patiently wait
for presentation to start.

I made the stress on following topics--

   - Initiative of Linus Torvalds to develop an environment of freedom ?
   - How Fedora born from RHEL & how they are different ?
   - Why this distro of Linux best suits anyone ?
   - Screenshots of Fedora (few had been taken from fedora site & few from
   my desktop).
   - How it will suit your every need specifically media players!!!

This is the presentation i uploaded,in case, anyone like it.
I forget to tell one thing that i also inserted cartoons in it so as to make
it more interesting ,have a look at it !!!!
here are few snaps of my presentation--

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