[fedora-india] Squid Doubt

Sunil | ഉപാസന sunilmv at gmail.com
Thu May 21 05:54:14 UTC 2009

 Hi All,

I am a new one came to know about this community. I am working at HCL ,
Bangalore. got introduced to RHEL4 after joing here. Have some doubts now.
please let me present those.

I have a squid proxy and i configured authentication for my LAN users.
Simple athentication with ncsa_auth way by modifying "auth_param basic
program /sbin/.../ncsa_auth /etc/squid/passwd" (also used "acl nsca_users
proxy_auth REQUIRED" Parameter)

It is working fine now. But now i have one more demand. "squid should not
ask authentication from one PC. ie for One IP Address"

Please tell me a way to achieve this. i know this is simple using ACL. I had
also tried some ways. But not got result. (there is no "acl ------
proxy_auth NOTREQUIRED" parameter. any parameter equivalent to

Please reply as early as possible
  Sunil M V
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