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The days I feel absolutely down and out are generally the days when I
feel like I am gouging folks to report back as to what they have been
up to. We have been through this over and over again and, although
modesty is considered a virtue - talking about what keeps you busy
doing Fedora in the communities around you is what is demanded of
Ambassadors. I would go so far as to say that if you aren't talking
amongst your peers about what you are doing, you are not meeting one
criteria of being a Fedora Ambassador.

On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 7:48 AM, Rishikesh Sharma
<rishikesh at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> After my last Fedora Event, I am helping students and professionals who are
> not aware of Fedora. I am doing fedora installation on thier Laptops and
> Desktop for them. And helping them to able to listen music and videos on
> their Fedora system. I am also helping them to run their choice of open
> source programs on their fedora. After the release event, lots of people ask
> me for the free fedora media. I have distributed about 25 fedora 10 DVD's
> after the release event.

Have they faced any issues with F10 release ? If so, what has been the
common questions ? Has their been hardware that has refused to work
out the box ? If so, did you report that someplace (preferably the
bugzilla) ? What do they use their computers for ? Has F10 been able
to meet all their requirements ? Since you mention students and
professionals - are they interacting on Linux issues with
Linux-Manipur ? Are you involved in Linux-Manipur ? Is the local LUG
ready to receive a consignment of media so as to enable and encourage
distribution ? What is their "choice of open source programs" ? How
many students use Fedora to do their work ? What is the kind of work
they do ? The folks you distributed 25 DVDs to - have they come back
to you with issues ? How can you be sure that they have installed
Fedora and, are using it ?

You see a pattern here - don't you ? There are far too many open
points that could have been discussed (and, should have been) between
the last event and the upcoming event, but they never happened.

> I have help Komrein Baptish Church, Langol in installing Fedora 10 as their
> web server and database server for a missionary project.

Good to know about this.

> lots of student approach me to learn Linux but i am not able to teach them
> on regular basis as i don't have enough time. But for them, i have arrange
> them for a quick tutorial.

If you are unable to teach students the initial steps in Linux because
of lack of time, what are the alternatives we can think of ? Are there
others around you who could be coached into becoming a Fedora
Ambassador ?

> i have installed Fedora for a training institute known as Indian Institute
> of information Technology, Lambulane at Imphal. They primarily used Fedora
> as their programming platform for students.

What programming languages do they teach ? Are you comfortable
hand-holding them or, do you think you need others to provide you
pointers ? Debarshi, Arjun and Rakesh recently completed the first
round of a programming/developer workshop for students at NIT,
Hamirpur - do you think you could get talking so as to figure out what
works and what doesn't ?

> And I hope, this time we will surely get some Fedora contributors amongst
> the students of Manipur University.

I took a look at
<https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/F11-Manipur> and, it does
not look any different from what was organized last time. In fact, it
seems a bit vague as to how you want to measure the successful outcome
of the event. Please don't just say that XYZ number of people attended
the party and hence it was successful. I am a bit concerned that six
months from the last event, we have not seen a single new face doing
Fedora from your region. I'd like to know (off list if you prefer)
what are your thoughts on this.

I am holding back the approval of funds/sponsorship for the event till
I understand what your plans for the community around you are.

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