[fedora-india] Association with a startup in Bangalore

Ashwin Mansinghka ashwin_man at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 19 18:06:05 UTC 2009

On 19-Oct-09 6:29 PM, Rangeen Basu wrote:
>> Btw. i would not use Fedora for Servers. Nobody will upgrade Servers every 13
>> month - and the argument they(startup company) do not care about security, is
>> maybe good for them, but it is not good for Fedora when a old Fedora Server is
>> abused - for the press still a Fedora System is abused.
>> The Company should use CentOS for their servers it's the same family.
> Understood and will be conveyed to them.

I have a slightly different view.... Fedora is as good a server as 
CentOS or Debian or SUSE or......
Security is simply a frame of mind. In my opinion, Fedora provides a 
evolving security platform
for such new starters, they can graduate to a high security levels from 
low levels of today.
I am sure a choice of using Fedora for servers should be appreciated and 
encouraged and
supported by this forum instead of showing a different path altogether.

>> Here in Europe we call that Community Consulting where we enable companies to
>> work with and on Fedora - and there is the Fedora EMEA e.V. as legal entity -
>> non profit organisation - where you can spend donations for Fedora. We use this
>> money for events, fad, fudcon, swag. We can save some RedHat Money and  we
>> report all that to the Fedora Board.
> I have talked to them and they have agreed to pay us some money which
> I plan to use for freemedia. I don't think that will be a problem
> legally.

If it was Kolkata, I would have offered free but limited support. I like 
helping people who want to use linux
in a big way. I can help online (over internet). If costs of travel and 
accommodation can be paid for, I can
travel for a few days to the courageous users of Fedora, to provide 
initial thrust and support and confidence
building, and a little training.

>> Company helps as a Fedora Contributor, as example - provides proper
>> accomodation for Fedora Contributors for Meet up's like foss.in or provides
> They are extremely small now with very limited budget, but I will stay
> in touch with them and check if they can help in any way.
> Also I will let them know about FOSS.in and also know if they are
> interested to participate.

Everything starts small, the ones which make it big are those which make 
the right choices, however
tough and challenging those choices may tun out to be. Best of Lucks.

with Regards,

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