[fedora-india] DVD writer troubles

Ashwin ashwin.lists at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 14:14:10 UTC 2009

> Hey Ashwin,
> Can you please post the "legwork" needed? I really cant afford any more
> dvd burning try outs on a limited allowance.. :(
> I'd be extra grateful if you could please post *reasons* along with each
> step so I know exactly what I'm doing. (Knowing the path isn't enough,
> you should know why you're taking it too ;) )
The minimum legwork is to read on the two mentioned points.
The reading will not hit your allowances I hope. :)
Reading, obviously you have to do for yourself for sure ;)

Do a simple test - login as a regular user (non - root user)
and insert a USB stick / drive, does it mount automatically ?

If it does, great, or if you need to fix that, the same two points
have to be dealt with, while dealing with the same, I am sure
your eyes will see / spot the path / reason.

The reason to know why to take a specific path, is to reach a
desired destination. The doubt is (if any implied), "if it is
the right or wrong path".
Well, you need to walk at least a few steps to find it yourself.

Others can only indicate the various paths to "nirvana" the
reason for "nirvana" is same, but path to "nirvana differs for
person to person.

with Regards,

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