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Ayush Maheshwari ayush.hakmn at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 13:15:28 UTC 2009

                              *Inaugural ceremony of
LUG at RTUKota<http://groups.google.co.in/group/lug-kota>

Hello all,
             On the auspicious day of Navratra Sthapna ( i am not an
atheist ) and Software Freedom Day ( but i am linux lover ), 19 Sep
'09 , the event was scheduled for 10 a.m. & as you all know, the
timely events generally begin with an hour-or-so delay (atleast in
India,to be true ), this was an exception,we started it with mere 20
minutes delay ( surprised here for the first time ) .
We didn't made much publicity about such happening in the college,only
few notice & mouth publicity was done .
The turnout was superb nearing to 60 ( & the hall was packed ), we
certainly didn't expect this much on govt. holiday .We were overawed
( surprised for the 2nd time ) .

Thanks to Electronics Deptt., we got the Resonance hall & thanks to
the working A.C.s , we got no unwanted environmental problems .

The LUG at RTUKota inaugural event began at 10:20 a.m. with the gracious
presence of Dr. S.C.Jain Sir ,HOD,Computer Deptt.; R.K.Bayal Sir,
Professor,Computer Deptt; Dinesh Jain Sir,Professor,Computer Deptt .

I started the presentation with LUG at RTUKota formation objectives & the
plans ahead .
The HOD Sir then inaugurated the LUG at RTUKota group & explained the
history of Open-Source software & Linus Torvalds and gave other
historical & futuristic importance of Open-Source .

Then Bayal Sir, who mentor us for LUG at RTUKota formation, presented the
difference between the Open-Source & Closed-Source software & benefits
of former above latter .He presented the beautiful & astonishing
comparison of linux v/s windows,which explains how can we save 5 Lac
rupees ( approx 11K $ )  straight by using Open-source softwares .

After that beautiful comparison, I made an interactive presentation
( i am not glorifying myself, here ) over why should we switch over
from Windows to Linux .
The misconceptions regarding Linux were removed .
The benefits of using Linux over Windows ,the large range of distros
available to choose & discussed the most downloaded distros Ubuntu &
Fedora .

After that,Jain Sir gave vote-of-thanks to the students & assured them
of their support for LUG at RTUKota & encouraged us to do regular
meetings .

Then Gaurav Agarwal , gave beautiful presentation on how to install
Fedora and covered the various options available such as
1.WUBi ( Ubuntu inside Windows )
2. Installing using LiveCD,
3. Installing on VirtualBox
4. Hard-disk Installation
He focussed on the most difficult part ( as we got to know by
surverying the students ;for detailed report regarding the survey
report ,you can contact us personally )  of installation i.e.

He explained every tiny part involved in installing Fedora .

*Install Fest ----> *
The students were already asked to come with laptops,who like to
install linux.
We presented them with wide range of distros available & their
features in split-second way.
We've volunteers who helped the students to install linux.
Fedora, LinuxMint & Ubuntu suited the students requirements and
installed subsequently with Gaurav showing them the installation
procedure .
Although, only 10 students came with laptops it was an encouraging
sign that they showed such an interest in the very first meeting .
The install fest continued for approx. 35 minutes.

*The Surprise Package ---> *
The multibootable dvd was made ( no software was used,only linux
commands were used in the making ) by me which contains 10 linux and
most importantly PuppyLinux.

I ( & few other students too ) started the stopwatch & booted the
In 1 min 20 seconds the puppylinux welcome screen was displayed with
all the partitions shown.
Then i gave them insight into puppy ,that you can play songs.watch
videos,connect to network,text-processing,play games & do everything
without installing onto hard disk.

The students were overwhelmed & multibootable dvd was distributed to
those who came with blank dvds.

*Media Distribution----> *

The acknowledgements are due to following guys who helped us in
arranging medias for distribution -->

1. Sanjay Agarwal ( lug-jhalawar )--> He provided us with SFD kit
consisting of Ubuntu LiveCDs,SFD t-shirt & few SFD balloons.

2. Anirudh Singh Shekhawat ( lug-jaipur ) --> He provided us with
Fedora 11 dvds .

Then medias were distributed to the students .

The event got completed at 12:30 p.m.
The vote-of-thanks was given to students for huge turnout.
I believe,this report will give a quick account of the event for those
who missed it.They can download the presentations from the uploading
section . They need not to be depressed since it is the beginning
which is never going to end .

The *LUG at RTUKota* inaugural event crossed our expectations,we enjoyed it
most .
We assure them that we'll continue to organize lug meetings every

Great  & encouraging feedbacks were given.

We expect that the formation of LUG at RTUKota will help promote the
linux and cater to the needs of linux lovers, in an otherwise
educational city of Kota ( India-->Rajasthan ).

We acknowledge the efforts of the following volunteers who help us in
organizing the event -->

Sulabh Vijayvergiya ( III year CSE )
Gaurav Gupta ( III year IT )
Ashvin  Suthar ( III year CSE )

LUG at RTUKota

P.S.--> Please pardon any grammatical erorrs , i tried my best to
avoid them .

*Presentations* can be downloaded from

Snaps can be viewed here <https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Snaps.tar.bz2>.

Gaurav Agarwal     <gauravagrawal AT fedoraproject DOT org>

Ayush Maheshwari  <hakmn AT fedoraproject DOT org>
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