[fedora-india] [Follow Up] Fedora Classroom (Ambassador training)

Ankur Sinha sanjay.ankur at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 03:54:07 UTC 2010


The follow up:



An observation: I did not see familiar faces from the Fedora India
attend the meeting. 

I'm going to ask a question here: "Is it possible for a hundred
Ambassadors[1] to be busy at the same time?"

If they weren't busy, what were they doing? Why weren't they there?

Even *if* all of the 100 were busy simultaneously by some unimaginable
coincidence ( O_o ), Max taking out time to take a class for Ambassadors
*in person*, should have made the importance of the class very very
clear.( At least clear enough to get a few folks to reschedule and
attend the class). The session lasted only an hour and a half FYI.

- It was a great chance to meet up with Ambassadors over the world and
get to know them.
- Max talked about the *role of an Ambassador*, something that we've had
frequent discussions over.
- He made it clear on what you're supposed to say when you represent
Fedora, at conferences etc. Isn't that another point that we were

There was a lot of other stuff that I learnt there (and I'm not a new
Ambassador). Too bad folks decided to give it a miss. Logs are never the
same as attending the meet itself IMO.



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