Pedro Fernandes Macedo webmaster at
Mon Apr 2 00:27:25 UTC 2007

Hello list.

I'm a lurker from the list that decided to help a bit . I work as a 
sysadmin here in Brazil, mostly with Fedora and Red Hat, but sometimes 
with debian, slackware , sometimes even sco unix and windows. My current 
focus is mail servers, so I guess I could help a bit in this area. My 
deployments are usually built around fc/rh + postfix + clamav + amavis 
(or maia mailguard) + postgrey .

I"ve also worked a bit with nagios (not much, since we had one person 
who worked only with nagios at the time) and other network services. I'm 
also a bsc in computer science, so I got a bit of programming knowledge, 
even though most of my C is rusty, but my perl , php and shell script 
skills are still working.


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