fedorapeople (planet and .org)

Jonathan Steffan jonathansteffan at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 05:44:49 UTC 2007

seth vidal wrote:
> Hey folks,
>  So we've been thinking we're going to take fpserv.fedoraproject.org
> which lives at duke and make it into fedorapeople.org and also
> planet.fedoraproject.org
> fedorapeople.org will provide all the fedora account holders and groups
> with some quota-controlled space to put files up. 
> what I was thinking might be cool is to reinstall fpserv with el5 so we
> can use Xen. Then setup 2 xen guests.
Anyone know if the hardware would support KVM?
>  1 would be the system that people
> use to put their files up, the other would be for the planet code that
> makes the planet pages (planet.fedoraproject.org, etc)
> Does that sound pretty good to everyone?
+1, Sounds great.

Jonathan Steffan

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