more mirrormanager testing

Matt Domsch Matt_Domsch at
Thu Apr 5 14:08:17 UTC 2007

Mirror Admins:

Thank you to the several people who have put their data into
mirrormanager already.
I've made a few tweaks in the past week to speed up the queries, and
it seems to be working pretty well[1].

I ask everyone to please enter their data into mirrormanager now, so
we can shake out any additional bugs before F7 Test 4 is ready to go

In particular, please create:
* an account in the Fedora Account System if you haven't already
* a new Site
* a new Host in your Site
* a new ACL IP for your Host (DNS name preferred, IP ok too)
* two new Category entries, one for Fedora Core, and one for Fedora
* For each of FC and FE, one or more URLs by which end users can get
  at your data (HTTP, FTP, and rsync).

With that in place, the http/ftp crawler will come by every 6 hours or
so looking at what you're carrying.  Each Category page in the web UI
will show the list of directories you have it thinks are up-to-date.
displays all the active mirrors.  This page (and its children - the
per-version, per-arch subselect pages) will get exported static soon
which is what we'll publicize end users to view.  Likewise the yum
mirrorlist redirectors are available for playing with with a URL of

e.g. the same as the normal mirrorlist syntax, just a change in the
host.  The lists are being exported as static files every few hours
also, so the standard mirrorlist CGI can use it unchanged, but as
Infrastructure is moving that particular CGI this week, I haven't
tested that.

As always, thank you for your generous support of Fedora.  With your
help, this will be the smoothest Fedora release ever.

[1] occasionally we have authentication problems with the Fedora
    Account System, but it's much rarer that it had been.  If you hit it,
    please just reload a few times and it'll clear.

[2] per-country lookups on the mirrorlist aren't quite working yet,
    appending &country=XX.  It will soon though...


Matt Domsch
Software Architect
Dell Linux Solutions &
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