Moin question

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Sat Apr 7 15:36:23 UTC 2007

Mike McGrath schrieb:
> Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> Mike McGrath schrieb:
>>> One way we could see immediate performance gain on the wiki is to delete 
>>> old users. [...]
>> I'd like to suggest another one: remove old Meeting logs from the wiki
>> and place them somewhere else. Searching for a string in the wiki takes
>> longer and longer every month and often finds a lots of old cruft from
>> old meeting logs.
> I have done a little research on this part and I don't think we'd get 
> much of a gain performance wise.  It would clean things up a bit.

Especially the latter thing seems important to me, as searching for
stuff in the wiki these days often afaics finds more often uninteresting
meeting minutes then then what you really look for.

> Interestingly, we have more users (9989) on Moin then we have pages (7214)

Well, but if we add logs from
- Ambassadors
- Docs
- FPC (those add two pages per meeting)
- some other projects I forget just now

each week then the number of pages will increase to much over time IMHO.


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