more mirrormanager testing

Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at
Thu Apr 5 19:11:25 UTC 2007

On 2007-04-05 09:08, Matt Domsch wrote:
> Mirror Admins:
> Thank you to the several people who have put their data into
> mirrormanager already.
> I've made a few tweaks in the past week to speed up the queries, and
> it seems to be working pretty well[1].
> I ask everyone to please enter their data into mirrormanager now, so
> we can shake out any additional bugs before F7 Test 4 is ready to go
> out.
> In particular, please create:
> * an account in the Fedora Account System if you haven't already

OK, I go to the URL you specified above, I click on the "register" link 
(, and I get the following error...

502 Bad Gateway
The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.

Any advice?  I'd _like_ to get an account set up, but I can't see any 
way to do it at the moment.

> * a new Site
> * a new Host in your Site
> * a new ACL IP for your Host (DNS name preferred, IP ok too)
> * two new Category entries, one for Fedora Core, and one for Fedora
>   Extras
> * For each of FC and FE, one or more URLs by which end users can get
>   at your data (HTTP, FTP, and rsync).

I imagine I can't enter any of this until _after_ i login with the FAS 
account, which I have yet to create.

> [1] occasionally we have authentication problems with the Fedora
>     Account System, but it's much rarer that it had been.  If you hit it,
>     please just reload a few times and it'll clear.

I've tried reloading repeatedly, and the 502 error happens consistently.

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