Introduction: Wilmer Jaramillo

Wilmer Jaramillo M. wilmer at
Mon Apr 16 15:36:41 UTC 2007

On 4/16/07, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath at> wrote:
> Wilmer Jaramillo M. wrote:
> > I'm a Linux administrator since 1999, actually I'm a RHCE working for
> > an Red Hat Partner in Venezuela (, I'm a
> > volunteer on others Fedora Project, I have an interest in helping out
> > with the Fedora Infrastructure Project, I've done some scripting
> > mainly Bash and Perl, i know a lot of stuff on areas such as
> > Networking, Monitoring, Email, FDS/LDAP.
> Welcome Wilmer.  We have weekly meetings in #fedora-admin on
> if you think you can make it.  It's a great way to get
> to know our process and what's going on.  -

Next Thursday at 20:00 UTC, i'll be here, Thanks,

Wilmer Jaramillo M.
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