Hey There

Mike McGrath mmcgrath at redhat.com
Wed Apr 25 03:17:53 UTC 2007

Mauricio Pretto wrote:
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> will pick two for now,
> Firewall system rewrite
> VCS choice
> What do you think?

Either one, you could do both!  Seth Vidal is already working on the 
firewall rewrite.  I'm not sure if he needs help or not but I'm sure he 
wouldn't mind a second set of eyes looking over whatever rules he comes 
up with for sanity.  The VCS choice is on hold for a moment but will be 
hit pretty hard just after the F7 release.  There's an SCM sig that 
we've created at: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/SCMSig  
for the VCS Choice.  Make sure you sign up there and put your experience 
down, we'll make sure you get notice of before we have meetings and 
things.  The wheels of Infrastructure don't always move very quickly so 
be patient.  Do you have any python experience?


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