Ambassador Aliases

Mike McGrath mmcgrath at
Mon Apr 30 16:59:44 UTC 2007

So the firstname.lastname removal has been done and went fairly well 
with one exception.  Many of the ambassadors use firstname.lastname when 
dealing with other people.  They like a good, professional looking email 
address.  Unfortunately, not everyone thinks of this when they're 
creating their account name and trying to be an ambassador with 
fluffyone23 at may cause issues.

I've added a few exceptions but I really don't want our group 
maintaining this list.  We're not in the business of user 
administration, that always gets delegated to the specific group 
owners/admins.  This puts us in an awkward position because of the 
sensitive nature of the alises file we can't just let everyone edit this 
file.  Here's what I'd like to propose:

Thomas Chung has offered to maintain this list for the ambassadors.  
Since its a manual intervention we're not as open to attack/collisions 
as we were when it was automated.  We'll continue to use CVS so we get 
notifications when a change goes out.  Additionally I've given the 
following guidelines to Thomas should we chose to go this route:

* All alises for the ambassadors must be firstname.lastname at fp.o
* Exceptions are made by Thomas Chung for the ambassadors only.  He has 
the final say as to whether someone is eligible for the alias
* Careful precautions must be made to not cause collisions. (This would 
include looking out for suspicious aliases like 
senior.admin at

Does anyone have any issues / concerns with this?


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