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Ambassador Aliases

So the firstname.lastname removal has been done and went fairly well with one exception. Many of the ambassadors use firstname.lastname when dealing with other people. They like a good, professional looking email address. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks of this when they're creating their account name and trying to be an ambassador with fluffyone23 fedoraproject org may cause issues.

I've added a few exceptions but I really don't want our group maintaining this list. We're not in the business of user administration, that always gets delegated to the specific group owners/admins. This puts us in an awkward position because of the sensitive nature of the alises file we can't just let everyone edit this file. Here's what I'd like to propose:

Thomas Chung has offered to maintain this list for the ambassadors. Since its a manual intervention we're not as open to attack/collisions as we were when it was automated. We'll continue to use CVS so we get notifications when a change goes out. Additionally I've given the following guidelines to Thomas should we chose to go this route:

* All alises for the ambassadors must be firstname lastname fp o
* Exceptions are made by Thomas Chung for the ambassadors only. He has the final say as to whether someone is eligible for the alias * Careful precautions must be made to not cause collisions. (This would include looking out for suspicious aliases like senior admin fedoraproject org

Does anyone have any issues / concerns with this?


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