Features for Fedora Project PBX 1.0

Jeffrey C. Ollie jeff at ocjtech.us
Tue Aug 7 19:39:48 UTC 2007

Testing has been going well, and people seem to like/want/need the
service so I thought that we should nail down what features we want in
the "Fedora Project PBX 1.0".  Here's a list based on what I'd like to
see and what I've gathered from IRC/email/voice conferences.

1) Permanent voice conferences for various Fedora subgroups.
Conferences identified so far:

Other permanent voice conferences would be requested through a Fedora
Infrastructure ticket.  Larger conferences may need some sort of
moderation system.  Open question: should anonymous SIP callers be
allowed to talk on the permanent conferences or should they be
listen-only?  Status: basic conferencing is working, moderation features
are lacking in conferencing application and need to be developed. 

2) Conferences should be able to be recorded.  Status: in development.

3) Ad-hoc voice conferences.  Anyone with a FAS account would be able to
request an ad-hoc voice conference (optionally controlled via a PIN)
through a web interface.  Ad-hoc conferences would expire after a short
time (24 hours?).  These conferences would likely remain relatively
small so moderation features would not be needed.  Status: The web
interface has not been started but Seth and I have the PBX side mostly

4) SIP accounts for anyone with a FAS account that requests them so that
sip:<username>@fedoraproject.org would forward calls to your softphone.
IAX2 accounts would be available for "power" users.  Numeric extensions
will be assigned for those situations where it's more convenient to dial
by number rather than name.  Status - design is nearly complete, need to
automate account creation and more testing.

5) Every SIP account would have voicemail.  Instead of storing the
messages locally, audio files will be forwarded to
<username>@fedoraproject.org.  Status - testing the design, depends on
automatic creation of accounts from FAS.

6) Access conferences and people from the PSTN (e.g. your cell phone).
A US DID number will be obtained from an ITSP and forwarded to the
Fedora Project PBX.  DID numbers in other countries may be obtained if
there is enough need and the costs are reasonable.  Status: some testing
has been done but a permanent ITSP needs to be identifed and an IVR
needs to be developed so that all of the features can be accessed from
the PSTN.

7) Documentation on how to set up Ekiga (for Gnome) and Twinkle (for
KDE) needs to be developed.  Other SIP clients will work, but you're on
your own.  Status: not started.

8) The PBX is currently running on publictest4 - need to identify
permanent host and move the setup there.  Firewall may need fixing up,
puppet needs to be set up, and Nagios monitoring configured.  Probably
need a sysadmin-pbx group set up so that the appropriate individuals can
manage the system.  Status: not started.


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