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The asterisk paradox

There was some discussion at the last meeting about how to use asterisk in the future for meetings or even if we should. This has brought up an interesting problem:

Early adoption of asterisk is slow because not everyone has the equipment to use it. People don't feel compelled to get the equipment because adoption is slow.

So what do we do about it? I feel very strongly asterisk as a medium is much more efficient to use then IRC and helps bring the team together to work as a more cohesive unit. I also believe it will do the same for other groups. But we cannot do the meetings in asterisk at this time because it raises the barrier to entry by too much and provides no meeting logs. So I'd like to propose the following possible solutions.

1) Meet 15 minutes before or after the meeting for a supplemental-meeting in asterisk to shake out some things. Then continue with the meeting in IRC as normal. 2) Meetings in IRC are generally very slow, it might be worth it to do the meetings as normal but also have people log in to asterisk to bs and generally just chat, get to know each other a bit better. 3) Do as we did last week, have people who can't talk join the conference anyway and ask questions in the chat room while having someone transcribe and provide minutes.
4) ?  you come up with some.

In general I think 2) is most practical for now. I'd prefer 3) since I think everyone can have headphones and listen in to the main meeting and ask questions in IRC but having someone volunteer to transcribe / summarize the meeting is a huge commitment.

This is a big change for us, having said that I think anyone who has used the technology will agree that it works very well. It will work even better as people start to use it more and get used to their equipment and more people feel the need to get a proper mic/head set. Fedora is very much about new technologies and early adoption. I'd love for us to be the first OSS community to use asterisk like this, and of course if Fedora is going to use it, the Infrastructure team should lead the way. Having said that, any changes like this are raising the barrier to entry and that is just a dangerous thing to do. As long as we still have IRC I think we'll be fine but this is something we must choose as a group.



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