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Infrastructure Meeting minutes/log - August 9/2007 20:00 UTC

Title: Infrastructure Meeting minutes/log - August 9/2007 20:00 UTC

[14:02] =-=     mmcgrath has changed the topic to "Infrastructure -- Role Call"
        <mmcgrath>      Who's here?
        * loupgaroublond
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        * ricky is
        * lmacken
[14:03] [ERROR] Missing required parameter action.
        * yingbull      is.
        * mmcgrath      waits a moment for the others
        <mmcgrath>      f13 abadger1999 skvidal jcollie + anyone I missed, ping
        -->|    warren (i=warren nat/redhat/x-6e7a7944c89202d3) has joined #fedora-meeting
[14:04] <f13>   I'm sort of here
        * abadger1999   here
        <mmcgrath>      K, we'll get started on tickets first
        =-=     mmcgrath has changed the topic to "Infrastructure -- Tickets"
        <mmcgrath>      https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/fedora-infrastructure/query?status=new&status=assigned&status=reopened&group=milestone&keywords=%7EMeeting&order=priority

[14:05] abadger1999: Whats the latest on #15, I see you added it to be discussed.
        <abadger1999>   We're deployed :-)
        Packagedb is running on app3 and 4.
        -->|    cwt (i=hidden-u gnat asiscan com) has joined #fedora-meeting
[14:06] <abadger1999>   owners.list and pkg.acl are now obsolete.
        <mmcgrath>      excellent, so whats the plan for notification, etc.
        they're obsolete as of right this moment?
        * wolfy taking notes
        <abadger1999>   mmcgrath: That's right.
        I sent a message to fedora-devel-anounce that went out this morning.
[14:07] The cvsadmins have been finding bugs for me.
        I'm planning on squashing those for 1-2 weeks and then letting packagers know that they can do a lot of the things for themselves now.

[14:08] <mmcgrath>      abadger1999: did the announcement actually get approved, I'm not seeing it.
        <abadger1999>   Someone replied to it so I'm pretty sure.
[14:09] <mmcgrath>      k, I won't worry about it then.
        abadger1999: how much more work do you think will be done on it over the next couple of weeks?
        <abadger1999>   https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-announce/2007-August/msg00006.html
        <mmcgrath>      bug fixes, etc.
        <abadger1999>   Here's the trac roadmap: https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/packagedb/report/3
[14:10] I'm planning on fixing most of 0.3.1 in the next two weeks.
        With things like buggbot being pushed off if there's a glut of other bugs that haven't been mentioned yet.
[14:11] <mmcgrath>      <nod> are you using the production database?
        <abadger1999>   Yes.
        Production db is pkgdb on db2.
        <mmcgrath>      excellent.
        <abadger1999>   There's a test db on publictest1 as well.
[14:12] <mmcgrath>      Ok, well good job with that. It will be most helpful :)
        anything else before we move on?
        <abadger1999>   That's it :-)
        -->|    frozty_sa2 (n=frozty unaffiliated/froztysa/x-364721) has joined #fedora-meeting
[14:13] <mmcgrath>      The next ticket is for paulobanon but I don't see him around right now
        |<--    frozty_sa has left freenode (Nick collision from services.)
        <mmcgrath>      jcollie: ping?
        ricky: ping?
[14:14] <ricky> pong- Sorry, no updates on the wiki yet- I've been looking more on FAS2 recently.
        <mmcgrath>      ricky: no worries on that, FAS2 is far more important.
        Ok, so thats it with the tickets, we'll move on to the schedule
        <ricky> I got a look at ikiwiki, though, and it does look pretty cool.
[14:15] <mmcgrath>      http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/Schedule
        ricky: cool
        So the VCS choice is still on going, we need to setup another meeting.
        jcollie must be busy with $DAYJOB :)
[14:16] =-=     mmcgrath has changed the topic to "Infrastructure -- Sponsorship"
        <mmcgrath>      Nothing majorly new here, I've taken on two sponsors though I almost never hear / see them.
        good thing I put a time limit on those things :)
        anyone have any comments / questions about the new sponsorship model? Good/bad?
[14:17] <loupgaroublond>        +1
        |<--    llaumgui_ has left freenode (Remote closed the connection)
        <abadger1999>   It seems good but I haven't had anyone approach me... I approached the last person I sponsored.
        -->|    jeremy (i=katzj nat/redhat/x-60b507eb562111d2) has joined #fedora-meeting
        <mmcgrath>      abadger1999: yeah, I think it will be hit and miss for a while. Though, in general, it feels like the group is growing at a good rate.

[14:18] =-=     mmcgrath has changed the topic to "Infrastructure -- SOP's"
        <mmcgrath>      I've been working on some more SOP's, as always we can use more people to write these things up.

        Thats really all there is to the SOP stuff on the schedule, if anything isn't documented that should be please add it or at least bring it up on the list so someone else can document it.

        Going to be a short meeting I think :)
[14:19] =-=     mmcgrath has changed the topic to "Infrastructure -- Open Floor"
        <mmcgrath>      Anyone have anything they'd like to bring up? Seems a lot of people are missing today with $DAYJOB or other things.

        <yingbull>      Just wanting to say hello. I'm looking to get involved, so this is the first meeting I'm at.
        I've been lurking in the fedora-admin channel the last week.
[14:20] <lmacken>       yingbull: welcome!
        <mmcgrath>      yingbull: hello, I saw your introduction on the list.
        <ricky> Welcome :)
        <mmcgrath>      One thing I'd like to ask people is about the asterisk setup.
        <loupgaroublond>        do we have any quote unquote web apps aside from smolt, and maybe bodhi, that the end user will see?

        <mmcgrath>      loupgaroublond: we have many
[14:21] loupgaroublond: you talking about the ones we build in house or all apps?
        <loupgaroublond>        do they have any semblance of a release cycle?
        <abadger1999>   pkgdb and koji are the same class as bodhi
        <mmcgrath>      they all have their own release cycles.
        <loupgaroublond>        i had some funny questions about the smolt web server, since it's not bound to the fedora release cycle the way the client is

[14:22] and i just want to get some ideas what the usual fedora way is
        <mmcgrath>      loupgaroublond: each project is, generally, considered its own upstream.
        The release cycle somewhat follows the normal Fedora release cycle if something is needed for that release.
[14:23] but in general the devs are up to their own means to produce code and an actual release.
        <loupgaroublond>        oh ok
        just wondering :)
        <mmcgrath>      <nod>
[14:24] ok, so back to asterisk.
        we've got most major pieces in order, the problem with using it is that we're raising the barrier to entry into the group for meetings and such.

        So the question is, is it worth it or not.
[14:25] Thoughts ?
[14:26] * bpepple|lt    listens to the crickets.
        <yingbull>      Its easier to juggle irc w/ $DAYJOB.
        <weirdguy>      (opinion of a lurker) imho, asterisk can be interesting if some sort of transcript or recording is available (both for lurkers like me or for ppl who happen to be busy during meeting times

        <abadger1999>   FWIW, I liked quaid's post on the mailing list.
        <loupgaroublond>        it's hard to replicate the information in real time for people that don't always have the option to use it

        <mmcgrath>      abadger1999: I did too though, it seemed to lack any suggestions about what to do about it.
[14:27] <loupgaroublond>        i suppose you would always say, any one object to using asterix this time around
        and then downgrade to IRC
        -->|    JSchmitt (n=s4504kr p54B130B9 dip0 t-ipconnect de) has joined #fedora-meeting
        <mmcgrath>      We had a lot of people who could at least listen in and comment in IRC last time, headphones don't seem too high of a barrier to me but I question how practical that is.

        <loupgaroublond>        bandwidth
        <mmcgrath>      We may know more after FudCON.
[14:28] loupgaroublond: I don't think bandwidth is any real concern, not that I've heard anyway.
        <abadger1999>   loupgaroublond: The only danger there being, people don't want to be disagreeable even if it excludes them from having meaningful input.

        <yingbull>      Would someone take minutes for the meeting, or would we just rely on a recording?
[14:29] <ricky> Recording is actually really easy with Asterisk, from what I've seen.
        <mmcgrath>      yingbull: not sure, thats something to figure out.
        <yingbull>      mmcgrath: I'd suggest both.
        <loupgaroublond>        is that legal sans disclaimer?
        <yingbull>      mmgrath: Its easier to review a bunch of past meeting minutes, than it is to listen to a bunch of recordings.

        <ricky> But I guess the main thing is to outline the benefits of voice meetings over IRC first.
[14:30] |<--    bpepple|lt has left freenode ("Ex-Chat")
        <mmcgrath>      no doubt, perhaps it would be good to take this to the list
[14:31] -->|    xDamox (n=xDamox host81-153-39-144 range81-153 btcentralplus com) has joined #fedora-meeting
        <mmcgrath>      Ok, anyone have anything else to discuss? If not we can close the list.
[14:32] err close the meeting :)
        * mmcgrath      will close in 30
[14:33] <mmcgrath>      15
        =-=     mmcgrath has changed the topic to "Infrastructure -- Meeting end"
        <mmcgrath>      thanks for coming everyone.
[14:34] <abadger1999>   Thanks for running the meeting

Michael Yingbull

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