Updated FAS => BZ scripts

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 23:29:18 UTC 2007

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Hello all,

I've updated our Account system to bugzilla sync scripts to use
bugzilla's xmlrpc interface to work with the migrated bugzilla instance.
 I tested the db side of these changes on the FASv1 instance on
publictest1 and the scripts on the Red Hat test bugzilla instance.
Everything appeared to work but there could always be errors so if you
hear of the following symptoms, let me know:

- - New Fedora Accounts that have fedorabugs or cvsextras are not able to
make changes to Fedora bugs in bugzilla.  (For instance, to review
- - Ditto for existing accounts that suddenly lose this ability.
- - People who have had their fedorabugs access revoked but can still make
 changes to Fedora Bugs for which they are not the owner.

The new system implements a queue in the account system database that is
updated whenever someone is approved or removed/unapproved for the
fedorabugs group.  Adding to the queue is performed by a postgresql
trigger defined in the cvsacct.sql[1]_ file.  cron (on an internal Red
Hat box for historical reasons... we can probably move it to an
infrastructure box now that we're using xmlrpc) runs the
export-bugzilla.py[2]_ script every hour and processes the queue of adds
and removes.

The script which adds new packages to bugzilla was updated several weeks
ago as part of the package db migration.  However, it had to be updated
again for the bugzilla migration as a URL had been changed and some
error reporting code wasn't inclusive enough.  If you see new packages
being created or branched with no bugzilla component being created let
me know that there's a problem with bz-make-components-pkgdb.py[3]_

*Note* package changes are synced by cron every six hours.  So you have
to wait six hours from the creation of the new package to know if
there's a problem with the sync.

.. _[1]:

.. _[2]:

.. _[3]:

- -Toshio
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