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Sorry; my subscription to the list was using the wrong email address.
Should be fixed now.

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I'm still working through the "Getting Started" instructions for
Infrastructure and the web page says it is time to introduce myself.

Lee Lorentz in Annandale, Minnesota, USA.  Email <lee at> 

I've been a PC database developer and programmer since the dBASE II days
(early 1980's?).  I'm currently migrating from Visual FoxPro over to the
LAMP stack for development work.  I manage a database (MySQL on CentOS v4)
at work with over 75 million records in a single table, so database
performance is a big deal for me.  My official bachelors degree is in
"Elective Studies" (nice generic title) but the course concentration was in
networking and systems analysis.

My first Linux exposure was to Mandrake for which I can't remember the
version and I've been a Fedora user since FC2.  I now have boxes at home
running FC6, F7, and CentOS v4, and I hope to soon have a new laptop running

I've been working with MySQL for 2-3 years now and about the same with php.
I don't claim to be an expert with either but I've already been able to make
some small contributions in optimizing queries for smolt.  I hope to be able
to make further contributions along this line, but am open to requests to
help out anywhere someone thinks I can help.  I put in a lot of hours at
work so I'm uncertain how much I can contribute but given the benefits I've
gained from using Fedora I want to try to give something back.

My nics on irc are wb0tra_home and wb0tra_work.  "WB0TRA" is my ham radio
license which I've held since 1975.  I try to maintain connections to the
fedora-admin, mysql, smolt, fedora-unity, scalug, and scalug-hams channels.

You can see more info on me at my home page and at

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