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Karsten Wade kwade at
Tue Feb 6 19:44:21 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-02-03 at 17:15 -0600, Mike McGrath wrote: 
> Any python coders out there want to help with some wiki code?  I'm
> posting to the list because anyone can do this, they don't need to
> have done something before but do need to be serious about helping and
> be a python coder.

Yeah, we probably do need coding experience at this point, because the
code was tracking against the 1.6 beta.  Looking at currently, it seems that 1.5.6 is the
latest release.  That may mean we can still get our changes into 1.6

This is a great project for someone new to Infrastructure or otherwise
wants to do Web development.

Here is the original post I made:

We need some help for the following:

1. Some short-term Python fixes, documentation clean-up, etc. to get the
Google Summer of Code project we did through Moin Moin merged into the
1.6 trunk.

2. Ongoing maintenance of this Wiki to DocBook conversion code.

This is a great chance to get involved in some upstream work for our
Wiki-of-choice; to help out the Documentation Project tremendously; and
to help out the overall Fedora Project when we all benefit from
upgrading to the 1.5+/1.6 Moin Moin.

A current status is found here:

Here is the history of the project:

The status page has a task list, that needs to be moved to the Moin Moin
main Wiki and then worked on.  If you are interested in doing or
collaborating on this project, please contact us through
fedora-docs-list.  Questions to the mailing list, or come by
#fedora-docs and we'll see what you need.

- Karsten
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