Fedora Infrastructure IRC Meeting Log from 2007-07-26

Jeffrey C. Ollie jeff at ocjtech.us
Thu Jul 26 21:01:07 UTC 2007

[15:04] mmcgrath has set the subject to Fedora Infrastructure -- Role ca
[15:04] mmcgrath: Who's here?
[15:04] * skvidal is
[15:04] jcollie: i am
[15:04] * lmacken 
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[15:04] marek: Marek Mahut
[15:05] paulobanon: pong
[15:05] * jbowes watches
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[15:05] * abadger1999 splits himself into two.
[15:05] mmcgrath: Ok, we'll get started on the tickets.
[15:05] * rayvd is he
[15:05] mmcgrath: https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/fedora-infrastructure/query?status=new&status=assigned&status=reopened&group=milestone&keywords=%7EMeeting&order=priority
[15:05] mmcgrath has set the subject to Fedora Infrastructure -- Tickets
[15:05] mmcgrath: first ticket
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[15:06] mmcgrath: #18.  Scripts should produce no output.
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[15:06] paulobanon: rayvd: befora i forget request sysadmin-test group access for your Moin project (we continue in the meeting now)
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[15:06] mmcgrath: I've been working on #18, and aside from the mass mailing this morning its about done.
[15:06] * rordway|m is here
[15:06] rordway|m: well, somewhat
[15:06] mmcgrath: Just make sure that when you guys automate something that you redirect any stdout to a log or /dev/null.
[15:06] mmcgrath: rordway|m: yo
[15:06] rayvd: paulobanon: thanks, will do
[15:06] rordway|m: at OSCON, so I'm here as much as the wifi allows me
[15:06] mmcgrath: next ticket #52
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[15:06] mmcgrath: paulobanon: Proxy Caching
[15:07] * vpv is here too
[15:07] mmcgrath: what did you want to kno
[15:07] paulobanon: mmcgrath: k so i want to know what can we deploy in PT1
[15:07] paulobanon: squid or mod_cache
[15:07] paulobanon: to start playing/testi
[15:07] mmcgrath: we can do both actually.
[15:08] mmcgrath: Pick one, then the other.
[15:08] paulobanon: start with squid then
[15:08] mmcgrath: I'd *prefer* mod_cache, unless there's some horrible reason we shouldn't.
[15:08] paulobanon: k start with mod_cache
[15:08] paulobanon: 
[15:08] paulobanon: _almost_ anything to make u happy
[15:08] mmcgrath: paulobanon: its totally up to you though.  My only concern with squid is making it work in our current balancer setup.
[15:08] jcollie: i think squid has more options for managing cache disk spa
[15:08] paulobanon: jcollie: +1
[15:09] jcollie: er spa=space
[15:09] mmcgrath: jcollie: my issue is, for example, right now if one of the mirrormanager servers goes down.  It fails over automatically.
[15:09] mmcgrath: I'm not quite sure how to do that (haven't thought about it) so its still a grey spot in my head.
[15:09] mmcgrath: paulobanon: anything elseith that ticket?
[15:09] paulobanon: if the cache is independentu wont have probs
[15:09] paulobanon: one fails u have the other
[15:09] mmcgrath: paulobanon: but how does mod_proxy_balaner know that?
[15:10] marek: good point 
[15:10] paulobanon: in theory u just need to redirect your requests like this
[15:10] paulobanon: proxy > cache > app
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[15:10] paulobanon: so if 1 app is down, the request will still go to the other
[15:11] mmcgrath: paulobanon: well, if you can set it up as a proof of concept with failover, I'll be happy 
[15:11] mmcgrath: anything els
[15:11] paulobanon: nop nothing more
[15:11] warren: I'm back, sorry lost connection
[15:11] mmcgrath: cool
[15:11] mmcgrath: warren: no worries.
[15:11] mmcgrath: I think we can skip ticket #14, its got a whole meeting for it.
[15:11] mmcgrath: #31
[15:11] mmcgrath: ricky: ping?
[15:12] ricky: mmcgrath: pong
[15:12] mmcgrath: ricky: Anything to comment on ticket #31 "New Wiki"
[15:12] mmcgrath: its got the meeting keyword so we're talking about it (feel free to remove it if there's nothing to discuss)
[15:12] ricky: mmcgrath: Have we looked at zwiki, actually, or are the memory requirements too high?
[15:13] ricky: It'd integrate nicely with Plone, and seems to fit our requirements feature-wis
[15:13] mmcgrath: ricky: I'm not familiar with its memory requirements.
[15:14] mmcgrath: ricky: if you've got something you'dike to try send it to the list, we'll pick at it 
[15:14] ricky: Sure, I'll try to formalize wiki evaluations a bit more on the wiki.
[15:14] mmcgrath: cool
[15:15] mmcgrath: ricky: anything else on the ticket?  If not I'll move on
[15:15] ricky: Not yet.
[15:15] mmcgrath: cool
[15:15] mmcgrath: next ticket #
[15:16] mmcgrath: paulobanon: whats the word "Moin wiki optimizations"
[15:16] paulobanon: k, so the RFRs where sponsored
[15:16] rayvd: paul just requested that i request sysadmin-test flag, which i will do...
[15:16] paulobanon: so its time to start moving on with this
[15:16] rayvd: vpv will also be using this instance correc
[15:16] paulobanon: vpv already has access to PT1, and rayvd is requesting sysadmin-test now
[15:16] paulobanon: rayvd: correct
[15:17] paulobanon: the only concern right now its the python version
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[15:17] rayvd: 2.4 is fine, i can use it.
[15:17] paulobanon: perfect then
[15:17] rayvd: let's make life easy 
[15:17] paulobanon: you require your moin1.6 branch or what you require _
[15:17] paulobanon: ?
[15:17] rayvd: i'm going to use 1.5.8 as much as possible since that's what we are using currently.
[15:18] paulobanon: perfect
[15:18] paulobanon: mmcgrath: ill need your help here
[15:18] mmcgrath: rayvd: is it your intention to get this stuff comitted upstream?
[15:18] mmcgrath: paulobanon: sure thing.
[15:18] rayvd: mmcgrath: maybe.  they ahev a whole new storage back-end in the works
[15:18] rayvd: which would be a _lot_ of work to backport.
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[15:18] rayvd: they sounded open to merging any fixes though from what we do.
[15:19] mmcgrath: cool.
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[15:19] paulobanon: mmcgrath: to setup both instances on the same box; vpv needs his Moin1.7 branch, and we can use a stock Moin1.5.8 for rayvd
[15:19] mmcgrath: ok, so do you two need anything else for now in the meeting?
[15:19] mmcgrath: paulobanon: sure thing, ping me after the meeting and I'll show yo
[15:19] paulobanon: mmcgrath: perfect
[15:19] rayvd: nope.  should be able to work with paul directly with any questions.
[15:19] mmcgrath: excellent.
[15:19] paulobanon: vpv: ping
[15:19] vpv: I'm here
[15:19] paulobanon: vpv: can you upload your Moin1.7 to your homedir please _
[15:19] paulobanon: ?
[15:20] vpv: paulobanon: it should be there already
[15:20] paulobanon: +1
[15:20] paulobanon: im done then
[15:20] mmcgrath:  ok.
[15:20] mmcgrath: I'll move 
[15:20] hpachas-PE: the meeting is now?
[15:20] mmcgrath has set the subject to Infrastructure -- Sponsorship
[15:20] mmcgrath: hpachas-PE: yep, we're in it.
[15:21] mmcgrath: Ok, so no one really responded to my notice about the pages being ready.
[15:21] abadger1999: mmcgrath: Good docs.
[15:21] mmcgrath: anyone have thoughts?
[15:21] jcollie: yeah, i liked 'em
[15:21] abadger1999: Should LDAP and DB go together on the FIG page?
[15:21] mmcgrath: I'm talking about
[15:21] mmcgrath: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/Sponsor
[15:21] mmcgrath: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/FIGs
[15:21] mmcgrath: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/GettingSponsored
[15:21] mmcgrath: abadger1999: yeah, I'd think so.
[15:22] jcollie: technically, my question this morning about what groups i'd need to be in was about them 
[15:22] ricky: What's sysadmin-general?  I remember seeing that somewhere else befor
[15:22] mmcgrath: ricky: yeah, sysadmin-general was a first (and poor) attempt at doing what we're doing for real this time.
[15:22] mmcgrath: long story short, sysadmin-general grants access to bastio
[15:22] mmcgrath: (this was before we had publictest servers I think)
[15:22] mmcgrath: I'd imagine sysadmin-general is going to go away
[15:22] paulobanon: mmcgrath: my question is who decides and how its decided who is a sponsor, and where
[15:22] ricky: OK, so that's why it isn't on those pages.
[15:23] mmcgrath: paulobanon: Good question, I'll document that.
[15:23] mmcgrath: paulobanon: here's the steps, as I see them right now.
[15:23] mmcgrath: 1) create the groups (some of those don't actually exist yet)
[15:23] mmcgrath: 2) find some of the sysadmin-main guys to populate those groups.  I'll be contacting people individually.
[15:23] paulobanon: (me thinks sysadmin-main should decide; since its the _core_ group)
[15:23] mmcgrath: paulobanon: but there's a catch as well.
[15:24] mmcgrath: Hopefully, in the not too distant future, I'm hoping people will be able to be a sponsor in their group without being in sysadmin main.
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[15:24] paulobanon: decide = who can sponsor in which group
[15:24] paulobanon: thats what i meant
[15:24] mmcgrath: got'cha.
[15:24] paulobanon: so you guys, decide that john, can be in web and doe can be in cvs
[15:24] paulobanon: if you know what i mean
[15:25] mmcgrath: Yep, and if doe does a good job then someone already in web will upgrade doe so he can sponsor others.
[15:25] paulobanon: +1
[15:25] mmcgrath: Thats the plan.
[15:26] paulobanon: just carefull to dont have 'over' sponsors, too many sponsors may not be a good thing
[15:26] mmcgrath: The plan is to be as open as possible with this, but not crazy.
[15:26] paulobanon: since you start to loose track of stuff
[15:26] mmcgrath: paulobanon: well, I'm hoping a strict removal policy will fix that.
[15:26] paulobanon: +1
[15:26] mmcgrath: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/GettingSponsored#head-7ac8499d249d4e73a126590833d03a9c010c4b10
[15:26] mmcgrath: we'll see.
[15:26] paulobanon: k k
[15:26] * paulobanon shutsup now
[15:27] mmcgrath: I'm hoping some of our regulars that show up a lot but don't have much access will step up and ask for access to some things
[15:27] mdomsch: that all looks quite sane to me
[15:27] * jcollie blushes 
[15:27] mmcgrath: Does anyone know of any other communities with this sort of setup?
[15:27] mdomsch: packagers? 
[15:27] mmcgrath: AFAIK once its implemented, it will be the most open, by far, sysadmin group around.
[15:27] jcollie: can i have access to the fleet of fedora black helicopers? and the fedora orbital laser too?
[15:28] ricky: Yay! 
[15:28] marek: 
[15:28] mdomsch: jcollie, notice that sysadmin-blackops isn't listed on the page
[15:28] mmcgrath: 
[15:28] jcollie: mdomsch, uhm yeah that's why it's black i suppose 
[15:28] * paulobanon advises jcollie, that he is around, so he wants access too
[15:28] paulobanon: 
[15:28] mmcgrath: There are two technical hurdles to overcome.
[15:29] mmcgrath: the biggest is figuring out where to store puppet and what to do with it.
[15:29] jcollie: i think we should do as much with puppet as we can
[15:29] mmcgrath: I don't think this will all happen over night... But I do think we'll have something by next week, especially for the development and web teams (which is where most of the work is needed)
[15:29] mmcgrath: jcollie: well we do everything with puppet now (except for the test servers)
[15:30] paulobanon: mmcgrath: which is great
[15:30] jcollie: other than being in CVS what's wrong with where it is now?
[15:30] mmcgrath: the problem is opening up access but still keeping some of the passwords/keys secure.
[15:30] mmcgrath: like the web guys don't need access to the buildserver keys.
[15:30] mmcgrath: and the build guys don't need the fedoraproject.org ssl key.
[15:30] mmcgrath: that sort of thing
[15:30] * paulobanon remembers that we choose git to replace cvs
[15:30] paulobanon: for our own confs
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[15:31] jcollie: are the keys and stuff in the puppet fileserver then?
[15:31] mmcgrath: jcollie: some of them yes, some of them no.
[15:31] paulobanon: and some that are, are only reachable by some ppl
[15:32] skvidal: there's a good reason to keep stuff in cvs or svn for admin stuff for puppet
[15:32] jcollie: hmm as nice as it would be to have everything in puppet maybe stuff like that we don't want to have there
[15:32] skvidal: esp if we keep it on lockbox
[15:32] skvidal: so that we don't end up with copies of our keys or pws out on someone's laptop
[15:32] skvidal: in other words: if you want admin access you MUST be on lockbox or at least bastion to get to them
[15:32] mmcgrath: jcollie: yep, those are the little things we have to keep an eye on.
[15:33] mmcgrath: Ok, so I'll move on for now.  Everyone seems ok with the docs.  I'll get the groups set up and hopefully poulated in the next few days with sponsors.
[15:33] jcollie: is there anything confidential in the puppet manifests?
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[15:34] paulobanon: jcollie: in the manifests itself, i dont think so
[15:34] mmcgrath: jcollie: there is, thats why in the GettingSponsored page I'm only allowing changes to files.
[15:34] paulobanon: oh ok... didnt knew that
[15:34] mmcgrath: unless your a sponso
[15:34] mmcgrath: jcollie: any place we have a password stored, we're using a template.
[15:35] mmcgrath: but thats mostly because of commit emails.
[15:35] jcollie: hmm quite a conundrum
[15:35] mmcgrath: jcollie: indeed.  You're good with puppet so I'm totally open to ideas.
[15:35] mmcgrath: its something to think about.
[15:36] mmcgrath: even if for now we have to give access to the machines and have patches submitted to the sponsors.
[15:36] jcollie: yeah, i have an idea but move on to something else for now
[15:36] mmcgrath: <nod> jcollie email the list if you get somethign concrete.
[15:36] jcollie: yep
[15:36] mmcgrath has set the subject to Infrastructure -- SOP
[15:37] ricky: It would feel kind of weird using sponsor status to control access to things.
[15:37] mmcgrath: I really don't have much else to add on SOP's this week.  I'm working on getting db1 and db2 finished.  I'll have an SOP for failing over soo
[15:37] skvidal: mmcgrath: do we have a ticket for reposync?
[15:38] mmcgrath: ricky: it would be ideal to have a couple of test environments.
[15:38] mmcgrath: skvidal: nope, want to open one or should I?
[15:38] skvidal: the info I need from you is where I can put the files
[15:38] skvidal: where has the space and where won't it suck?
[15:38] mmcgrath: <nod>  I'll get that to you.
[15:39] skvidal: I think you told me before
[15:39] skvidal: but I don't have it now
[15:39] skvidal: b/c afaict, I suck.
[15:39] skvidal: 
[15:39] mmcgrath: 
[15:39] mmcgrath: Ok, so thats all I've got for this week.
[15:39] mmcgrath has set the subject to Infrastructure -- Open floor
[15:39] rordway|m: that was quick
[15:39] mmcgrath: who's got what they'd like to talk about?
[15:39] rordway|m: 
[15:39] mmcgrath: rordway|m: yeah 40 min 
[15:39] paulobanon: lmacken: ping
[15:39] jcollie: asterisk?
[15:39] rordway|m: whee!
[15:39] mmcgrath: ahh yes.
[15:40] mmcgrath: asterisk.
[15:40] mmcgrath: jcollie: I honestly don't know much about that.
[15:40] mmcgrath: skvidal: do you?  I think it was discussed in the board and dgilmore is on a plane.
[15:40] skvidal: what do you want to know
[15:40] jcollie: all i know is what was discussed in irc yesterday
[15:40] lmacken: paulobanon: pong
[15:40] mmcgrath: BTW al - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/RFR/AsteriskServerInstance
[15:40] paulobanon: lmacken: lets wait for the asterisk stuff before fedora pastebin 
[15:41] mmcgrath: The idea is to get a asterisk server setup for the virtual FUDCon?
[15:41] skvidal: yes
[15:41] skvidal: so people can call in and talk
[15:41] mmcgrath: k.
[15:41] skvidal: we wanted to get it up and tested in the next week or so
[15:42] skvidal: so we can know whether it is workable for the event
[15:42] skvidal: if it is not  workable then we won't announce it
[15:42] mmcgrath: AFAIK this only needs to be done for the fudcon so we'll probably set up a temporary instance as a proof of concept.  Then deploy the actual thing when we get omre hardware (which will be after FUDCon)
[15:42] jcollie: my one concern with asterisk is i don't know how it'll behave on a xen guest
[15:42] mmcgrath: jcollie: yeah thats the 'proof of concept' part.
[15:42] mmcgrath: jcollie: is it in Fedora or EPEL yet?
[15:42] jcollie: i have asterisk packages 99% ready to go so that's not a problem
[15:43] mmcgrath: what will you be running it on for FudCON?  FC6,F7 or EPEL5?
[15:43] jcollie: no, it's not in yet but dgilmore promised to review
[15:43] jcollie: mmcgrath, i don't care especially, i've never run it on RHEL
[15:43] mmcgrath: k, stay on him till that gets done.
[15:43] jcollie: EPEL might not have all of the dependencies yet
[15:43] mmcgrath: jcollie: what would have the fewest question marks for you and dgilmore?
[15:43] jcollie: FC6 or F7
[15:43] mmcgrath: k, we can do that.
[15:44] mmcgrath: Also, I'm assuming this will require firewall changes?
[15:44] jcollie: jared smith is going to be helping out
[15:44] jcollie: mmcgrath, yeah big time
[15:44] mmcgrath: I'm going to need those ASAP.
[15:44] mmcgrath: stick them in the RFR
[15:44] jcollie: sip is 5060 udp and rtp needs a lot of high UDP ports
[15:44] * mmcgrath notes the network team probably won't be happy with 'big time' so the more time we give them the better.
[15:45] jcollie: anyone have any estimates on how many people we could expect for the virtual fudcon?
[15:45] mmcgrath: jcollie: be as specific as possible, I'd hate to have to ask pick to make all of these changes and have it not work or have him have to make more.
[15:45] mmcgrath: we'll get it going though.
[15:45] jcollie: mmcgrath, yeah we can control the ports pretty easy
[15:45] mmcgrath: jcollie: none that I know of.
[15:45] mmcgrath: what difference does it make?
[15:45] mmcgrath: lets say I said 50 or 300, whats the difference for you guys?
[15:45] jcollie: the number of udp ports is mostly dependent on how many simultaneous calls
[15:46] skvidal: udp ports?
[15:46] skvidal: mmcgrath: any fw issues?
[15:46] jcollie: mmcgrath, actually we'd probably want 1000+ 
[15:46] jcollie: skvidal, RTP (audio transport) runs on UDP 
[15:46] jcollie: the number of udp ports is configurable though
[15:46] mmcgrath: jcollie: so every caller gets assigned a special port?  Is this something that we'll need to "fixup" ?
[15:47] jcollie: mmcgrath, no turn off any fixups in the pix
[15:47] mmcgrath: k.
[15:47] jcollie: asterisk knows about nat and can deal with it without pix fixups
[15:47] mmcgrath: jcollie: so the blockers as I see them are 1) server, 2) firewall and 3) install/test
[15:48] mmcgrath: jcollie: k.
[15:48] jcollie: yep
[15:48] mmcgrath: jcollie: I'll get 1 ready sometime soon (unless dgilmore does it)
[15:48] mmcgrath: get 2) on the RFR and 3) done as soon as you can and I think we'll be in good shape.
[15:48] jcollie: ok, i'll get the list of ports and put them on the rfr
[15:48] mmcgrath: excellent.
[15:49] mmcgrath: so anything else?
[15:49] paulobanon: Fedora PasteBin
[15:49] paulobanon: 
[15:49] mmcgrath: Open floor and we've got 10 minutes left.
[15:49] jcollie: what'll it take to get jared smith into sysadmin-test? he has a lot of asterisk experience too
[15:49] mmcgrath: paulobanon: ahh, whats the latest on tha
[15:49] mdomsch: paulobanon, I've got pastebin.domsch.com running for myself if you want that
[15:49] mmcgrath: jcollie: he'll just need to apply we can add him.
[15:49] jcollie: 
[15:49] mmcgrath: paulobanon: have you gotten an instance up anywhere?
[15:49] mmcgrath: is gotten a word?
[15:50] paulobanon: mdomsch: whats the difference between yours and lmacken
[15:50] mclasen has left (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out) (i=mclasen at nat/redhat/x-e57cccf9577cb7d8))
[15:50] mdomsch: don't know
[15:50] rayvd: jcollie: do you guys anticipate any issues with NAT?  i have done lots with SER/OpenSER if so for NAT issues with SIP.
[15:50] paulobanon: cause i only knew about lmacken one in pt2
[15:50] lmacken: I just did an `svn update` on our stickum instance on publictest2:/srv/stickum.  There has yet to be any formal upstream releases, so we'll need to bash around with what we currently have to see if it'll suit our needs.
[15:50] mdomsch: mine's on my own domain, not in fp.o
[15:50] jcoie: rayvd, no it shouldn't be a problem i hope
[15:50] lmacken: just tried to get it running, but encountered a sqlalchemy error.. I don't have any time this week to mess with this though
[15:51] lmacken: the stickum code in /srv/stickum on pt2 should be hooked into FAS
[15:51] mmcgrath: mdomsch: is yours in turbogears?
[15:51] ricky: Looks like PHP to me.
[15:51] ricky: lmacken: Curious: What cool things would we do with FAS integratio
[15:51] mdomsch: mmcgrath, no, just from pastebin.com
[15:51] paulobanon: PHP is *evil* 
[15:52] paulobanon: ricky: authentication
[15:52] mmcgrath: ricky: the easiest way to do fas integration would just be to have apache do it.
[15:52] lmacken: ricky: not sure.. afaik we just didn't want anyone to be able to add stuff to ou
[15:52] paulobanon: so no anonymous spammage
[15:52] abadger1999: fedora-db-access isn't available on pt2.
[15:53] ricky: Pastebins really have spam problems?
[15:53] mmcgrath: ricky: yeah 
[15:53] * abadger1999 copies that over to see if it'll work.
[15:53] paulobanon: abadger1999: is it working in pt1 ?
[15:53] lmacken: if it's a form, it'll get spammed 
[15:53] ricky: I was thinking that for example, random people on #fedora would be referred to it, etc.
[15:53] ajax has left ( (i=ajackson at nat/redhat/x-1a0cf3da10d71e28))
[15:53] ricky: Oh, then who is this targeted at, actually?
[15:53] mdomsch: gotta run, another I/T meeting
[15:53] mmcgrath: mdomsch: later
[15:54] paulobanon: lmacken: is there any voodoo required for me to get it working in pt1
[15:54] lmacken: paulobanon: shouldn't be..
[15:55] paulobanon: lmacken: k ill try setting that up in pt1 then, mmcgrath, do i have access to pt2 to pick that stuff or can u drop it in pt1 $homedir
[15:55] mdomsch has left ("Leaving" (n=mdomsch at cpe-70-124-62-55.austin.res.rr.com))
[15:55] vpv: the pastebin could be protected with a password which would be put in the topic of #fedora. Might not protect from all spam, t some...
[15:55] mmcgrath: paulobanon: paulobanon yep, looks like you've got access on pt2
[15:55] ricky: Then it don't see how it'd be worth using over all the open/convenient ones all over.
[15:55] * mmcgrath thinks we should not do auth until the need proves itself.
[15:55] paulobanon: mmcgrath: k k, ill work a bit on it tomorrow
[15:56] mmcgrath: paulobanon: you're a busy guy these days 
[15:56] ricky: It would be cool to have the option of authenticated-view posts, though 
[15:56] rmarquez has joined the group chat (n=rmarquez at agssa.net)
[15:56] paulobanon: everything is working in the world of warcraft domain, so i have time
[15:56] paulobanon: 
[15:56] lmacken: paulobanon: ew
[15:56] lmacken: paulobanon: my roomate lives in that game
[15:56] mmcgrath: Ok, so paulobanon is going to setup a proof of concept for that for deployment soon.
[15:56] paulobanon: lmacken: i work for that game 
[15:57] mmcgrath: Anyone have anything else?  If not we'll close the meeting.
[15:57] lmacken: paulobanon: nice! can you delete his accounts ? 
[15:57] blizzard: abadger1999: baby baby baby
[15:57] lmacken: yeah
[15:57] rmarquez: hello
[15:57] paulobanon: blizzard: gratz !!
[15:57] mmcgrath: 30
[15:57] lmacken: for our virtual fudcon I think we should have a sobby instance so we can all collaborate on notes and such 
[15:57] blizzard: paulobanon: thank you!
[15:57] mmcgrath: 15
[15:57] jcollie: lmacken, inkscape whiteboard would be cool too
[15:57] mmcgrath: 5
[15:58] * ricky re-mentions that ErrorDocument thing on download.fedora.redhat.com.
[15:58] lmacken: jcollie: never played with it.. but the more real-time collaboration, the better
[15:58] mmcgrath has set the subject to Infrastructure -- Meeting end
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