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Re: Trac Instance

Mike McGrath wrote:
> Our trac instance is up.  Please submit tickets and just go to town on
> it (its easy to replace).   Do whatever you guys want to because I'll be
> re-making this site when it goes live.
> https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/fedora-infrastructure/
> Requires your FAS identity to log in.  Note we have F8 and F9
> milestones.  This whole system feels much simpler and much more natural
> for what we're doing then OTRS did.  I don't have the source part setup
> yet but that can come.
> Give honest feedback because we've had bugzilla and OTRS already in the
> last year or so.  I want to make sure we get this one right.
>    -Mike

Concerning these milestones, I found that you need to very carefully
choose those.

If you start with having tickets assigned to certain milestones, and
then add a milestone to move some tickets to, or remove a milestone
(long story short: IMACD milestones), there's no easy way of moving
tickets to or from that milestone, you need to modify them by hand. In
our case, not having set too much different milestones but moving as
fast as we do, we have to delete and add milestones every now and then
and change the default milestone for new tickets, just because our
roadmap changes. Changing existing tickets already linked to a milestone
is a PITA.

Just my 2 euro cents,

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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