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Marek Mahut mmahut at
Mon Jun 4 21:30:15 UTC 2007

Mike McGrath wrote:
> Marek Mahut wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> It's the time to present myself. My name is Marek and I'm working for 
>> one big software company right now. Before I was in HP support, 
>> administrating HP-UX, linux and few AIXs. I really want help you to 
>> maintenance fedora project infrastructures, basically from admin side, 
>> but maybe form devel as well.
>> I think that it's maybe a good idea to build an escalation paths for 
>> infrastructure, to assure that at any time, there will be someone to 
>> fix things or get in touch with someone who can in case of problems.
> Its not a bad idea really except everything will ever get fixed right 
> away or will escalate to me I think.  I'm typically notified though last 
> night didn't have my phone on :)  Having said that though, some 
> volunteers may want to be called.  Thats entirely up to them.
> One thing that may be good is to create a sysadmin list with the 
> appropriate timezone everyone is in.

In fact, and maybe with pages or cell numbers (for sms only, of course) 
too. I propose to do it as static html page, in case wiki goes down ;)

Marek Mahut                    Tel.: +420-532-294-111 (ex. 826-2046)
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