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Jesse Keating jkeating at
Sun Jun 10 00:31:38 UTC 2007

On Saturday 09 June 2007 12:21:16 Jesse Keating wrote:
> Any user with a valid Fedora account (regardless of group) can open tickets
> in Trac.  Just like any user with a valid bugzilla account can open bugs.
> Hopefully at some point it'll be very easy to get a Fedora account for
> stuff, or be able to use an existing OpenID for stuff.  However the
> alternative of letting any random internet user or bot spam wikis or
> tickets is not good.

I should note that this is just the default.  Admins for projects can adjust 
the rights of users (authed or not) via the Admin panel.  New projects (and 
the projects I had already created) get set to non anon content generation.

Jesse Keating
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