speeding up moinmoin page save operations for fp.o wiki

justin randell justin.randell at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 11:28:25 UTC 2007

hi all,

i'm looking for some feedback on speeding up moinmoin after chatting
with ThomasWaldmann in #moin about speeding up page save operations:

(08:36:48 PM) idioteque123: i've come to this from the point of view
of ending up with a package for http://fedoraproject.org/wiki
(08:37:42 PM) ThomasWaldmann: idioteque123: how to proceed depends on
what you want and when
(08:38:31 PM) idioteque123: there aren't any well defined goals for
this in #fedora-admin just yet
(08:38:58 PM) ThomasWaldmann: if you want something soon, I would
suggest you work with 1.6. if you have more time, you could wait until
storage api stuff gets usable.
(08:39:40 PM) idioteque123: ok, well how about i start a page
somewhere in the moinmoin development wiki?
(08:39:44 PM) ThomasWaldmann: btw, the jabber branch introduces some
event framework
(08:40:10 PM) idioteque123: then get some feedback from the
fedora-admin people about 1.6 vs 1.7
(08:40:21 PM) ThomasWaldmann: idioteque123: yeah, good plan. or look
if there is already something, we discussed that somewhere before
(maybe on wiki, maybe on irc).

so, do people think i should work in the 1.6 code or the 1.7 code? i
note that there is already some work in the 1.7 branch for fedora
but i'm guessing we might want some results sooner than that?

also, i should create a page in the fedora wiki to track this?

i'll be around in for the next infrastructure meeting to get more feedback.


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