Emailaliases - hotmail needs updating

Pedro Fernandes Macedo webmaster at
Fri Jun 15 10:24:45 UTC 2007

As far as I know, this setup doesn't require any modification on the MTA 
of the domain you're faking. However, if you decide to use that 
"feature", be warned that your e-mail may have an increased probability 
as being considered spam or being rejected. This can happen if the faked 
domain has a SPF record and the receiving domain uses SPF either as a 
mean to detect faked e-mails or as part of an antispam filter.

Pedro Macedo

Cristian Paslaru wrote:
> It is up to you to do so in your email client / webmail interface.
> Not everyone on this mailing list is using as email client / webmail
> the Hotmail, which BTW, it is run by M$  :)

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